Newcastle Utd – Back in the big time but for how long?

by Claire Tully

Friday, April 30th, 2010

My boyfriend thinks Newcastle will finish in the top ten next season. I think he’s a lunatic. And I’ll happily take fifty quid from him next May after he loses that bet.

Understandably it’s hard not to get swept away by the wave of optimism flooding the stands at Tyneside. With a shiny new record of being the only English team to remain unbeaten at home this season, the Mags seem to have turned it all around. And the fact they did it with two games in hand is just the icing on the cake.

Last year Newcastle’s season was a catastrophe from start to finish.  They were a team on the brink of self destruction having given up well before the finish line and in doing so came dangerously close to doing a Leeds.

It was a bleak reminder to us all what could potentially happen to a football club when bad decisions are made at the top level.

However, since then they have taken apart nearly every team in who have faced them in 2010.

So yes, this season has been somewhat of a turnaround.

But before any Geordies start showing a relapse of Massive Club Syndrome let’s put things in perspective – we’re talking about winning the Fizzy Pop League. With a bunch of premiership players, some of who are not good enough to actually play in the Premier League.

It’s sort of like winning a quiz for ten year olds when you’re 18 and a bit thick.

So in terms of staying up next season, well team spirit will only get you so far.

Newcastle are going to need at the very least four new signings to add to their side in the midfield and upfront. True Andy Carroll has shown a lot of potential, skill and strength this season – he is already poised to become their top scorer – but he is young and still learning his trade. Amoebi, his back up, is the nearest thing to a sign with bells hanging off it that they need to build.

No doubt there will be calls to play the Geordie Messiah card and bring in a big name should they fail to get off to the glistening start so many hearts are hoping for. But if you ask me Chris Houghton has more than proved he deserves to be given the chance to lead his team in the Premier League.

When hope was lost and recovery seemed all but impossible he was the man to turn round their fortunes. Not King Kev. Not Kinnear. And not even “Wor Alan”.

As far as club history goes, Newcastle’s tumultuous nature brings with it a worry that there may be more catastrophe in store.

One problem that has failed to resolve is the already questionable commitment of footballs most hated club owner. Mike Ashley was quick enough to throw in the towel last time – he just couldn’t find anyone to take it from him.

The worst excesses and mistakes of management shone from his arse and it is almost impossible to know if he has learned any lessons of football ownership. Or whether this time round he’ll take whatever offers he can get.

This season he barely scraped up £4 million to strengthen his clubs resources but has walked away £60 million richer for his time. And I wouldn’t hold my breath that he’ll be reinvesting all of that.

I’m not going to book my ticket just yet for a 2011 Newcastle relegation party because I’ve a feeling they’ll just about hang on in there.

But I will look forward to next year’s derby and the chance of beating them for the second time in two years.

Ha’way the lads.

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  • Darren

    straight back down. if they would have ben in the Prem this season they would have stayed up as the quality has been pi** poor

  • Dave

    As usual, you’re wrong Darren! 🙂

    Newcastle dropped last year because of the turmoil in the backroom inevitably spilling over into the playing ranks. This year they have solidified the club all around. Top 10 may be a slight stretch but they are certainly better than the Portsmouths, Hulls, Burnleys, West Hams and Boltons of this world. Plus they are obviously better than the two teams coming up with them too. Solid mid-table prospect for next year, I’d say.

  • Mike Somerville

    if Wigan, Birmingham and Stoke can stay up in their first season then so can the Magpies. New striker needed though

  • chef

    well im abit suprised they came back at the first attempt…..
    credit there current boss for doing that..
    cos i gave him no chance
    but the nobhead that helped put them there is unfortunately still running the show..
    and i agree with claire the problem is still not resolved…
    and im not sure if it ever will be
    he cares nowt about the club
    so i cant see him shelling out the money it needs to survive in the prem….
    ive heard a lot of folks saying to me…hey chef there back so we get to play em in the derby
    to which i reply..
    thats true
    but i also got just as much fun

    when they were playing derby,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:O)

    and tulls…ye can buy me a bevvie wiv yer winnins….
    tell your B.F….to keep his day job
    and dont open a bookies….ha!

  • Gary

    Whilst I bastard hate Ashley,im interested to hear how you worked out he’s amassed £60m from Newcastle this season ?

  • chef

    actually i thought this post would have garned more banter.
    ..than it did..
    i mean the sweaty socks went fuckin mental on her celtic one….
    but thats just them and at least they r consistent….:O)
    as a bairn i met rangers in the old gallowgate
    inter citys semi late 60s………supportin safc save me life as i was in there end..
    and my love for good old jim baxter
    as a chef i know oranges can be green at one stage
    but apparently
    never in glasgow…..
    but i think this clash between us is diffo
    is it just me
    or really r we botherd the mags r back
    im not …………honest
    i dont give a monkeys toss
    they will fuckin stuggle just like we are
    unless the fat lad coffs up…..
    …. which he fuckin wont
    hes a fat fuckin spineless self centerd knob
    impersonating a geordie
    ……….and he got fuckin sussed
    yet the saga continues……..
    anyway nuff of all that
    Dex and D
    id like to mention ive had
    loads of brill comments from me mackem muckers on miss tullys blogs
    that i send out to em every week
    and a lot of them were from women aswell
    and a couple of seasoned female ticket holders mentioned
    they are totally impressed and feel this lady is more than anatural at this game……..

    i agree totally…….
    ….haway the…………………

  • Akey

    By all means they should go straight back down as Fatman is keeping his money yet again, but I think they’ll wing it, 15th next season I say. They’re going through the same shit we did a few years back. I missed the derby like crazy this season although it was funny for them to taste our medicine for a change lol. They got to get a couple of new faces though or else it will be straight back down. They got some great players in the likes of Carroll and Ranger etc but they’re very young n lack the experience for the top level. So Akey says they will JUST stay up, but before they think it’s a given ( hahaha ) remember they went down with the likes of Given, Owen etc in their team

  • chef

    well well well.
    true to form and as chef predicted
    the fat fucker is not dusting off his wallet
    for me that has to be the fuckin knell sounding
    my mindset is now
    they may JUST stay up and i reiterate……….may
    but it will be extremly hard for them
    the worst thing for them is
    the bitter taste is still there…fuck all has been resolved
    and he will sink the ship before it effects his coffers
    cos hes proving now as always
    its him first
    club second.

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