Nice guys finish last

by Mystical Mike

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

Middlesbrough chairman Steve Gibson finally lost patience with Gareth Southgate after sacking him following Tuesday night 2-0 victory over Derby County.

“The long term future of the club was a key decision in replacing Southgate. One good result wasn’t going to change that decision,”
“We had a strategy for Gareth’s replacement. Timing was determined by the implementation of that strategy.” Gibson said.

Former Celtic boss Gordon Strachan who has been out of work since May looks favourite for the job. His charisma may be exactly what the Middlesbrough dressing room needs right now. Ex Boro hardman Graeme Souness has also been mentioned.

Middlesbrough actually moved to within one point of the top of the table with a home win in front of only 17,000 supporters, their lowest league attendance for years. However, with four defeats at the Riverside this season, Gibson admitted promotion and the long term future are more important than short term.

“When I sat down and considered our start to the season, I felt that the league table was actually more favourable than some of our performances,” said Gibson on the club website.
“Then I looked at the important games against the teams immediately around us, and took those results into account.
“In general the results and the performances have not been to the level I would have hoped for.

“His integrity and knowledge of the game can’t be questioned and I think in the long term he has the attributes to become a very good football manager,” said Gibson.
“He has been absolutely fantastic to work with because of his honesty and the dignified way he conducts himself.
“He will never be forgotten in Middlesbrough. As skipper he was the first ever from the club to lift a major trophy. He has guided the club through difficult times as a manager.”

Member of the Middlesbrough supporters south Ollie Amsden said “Southgate is a great man, he socialized with the fans and treated everyone as an equal, he is a man of dignity. However, his reign has been somewhat turgid of late. Our home form has been appalling and attendances are down, there was only so much our loyal chairman Steve Gibson could take. I wish him all the best for the future, he will one day be a top flight manager again of that I have no doubt. Remember even the great Bobby Robson took Fulham down before he went on to have a fantastic career. It really goes to show that nice guys really do finish last”

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  • colinmilk

    I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiments by Ollie…
    I’ve heard through fa coaching bodies that Southgate was one if not the best coach they have ever had there…that doesn’t make a great manager but he’s obviously got it in him….perhaps as a first job iMiddlesbrough was too big…
    Incidently the other coach rated extremely highly is Hope Powell now muted to be a consideration for Notts County! Could this be a turning point in football history.

    Colin Milk.

  • jackieemu

    Southgate was sadly the fall guy although some of the blame is his…Gibson although a great chairman with his stooge Keith Lamb have made a few too many mistakes in recent years and adding to that having to cut their cloth accordingly due to a new regime following the Uefa final in 2006. Alves a Gibson buy and not Southgate’s the worst mistake of all although given more time may have repaid some of the massive fee. Southgate had to get rid of aging players on big contracts but sadly, has brought in a few average players and his failure to motivate them saw him pay the ultimate price…
    The guy is respected by boro fans and will forever be a legend sadly he’s been the manager of the team at the wrong time in my opinion…
    good luck gareth…if all else fails he can be a Borat impersonator…

    on a money saving note boro can recycle all gareths training gear and give it straight to gordon!

  • Darren

    he can always take credit for producing one of the best players outside the Premier League in Adam Johnson, if Boro keep hold of him it will be a miracle!

  • dexylongshot

    I;ve always liked Gareth (apart from a a fortnight in the summer of 96 after a certain penaltie kick). He’ll be back, he’s only a baby. Agree with Johnson Darren, the boy is mustard, if he does make the move to the Prem and gets regular games, I think he could be a contender for a a late charge at gatecrashing Fabs 23. He is outstanding and was along with Milner, our best player at the U21s in the summer.

  • Mike

    Yep feel sorry for old Gareth… Johnson, Downing and Turnbull were all good players under him potentially great.

    Interesting to see what club he turns up @.

  • Iain

    poor old Gareth southgate. That must really have put his nose out of joint.

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