No player is bigger than United, remember that Rooney!

by Charlie Coffey

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

I didn’t believe it would actually happen, until now. Today Sir Alex Ferguson’s public acceptance of Wayne Rooney’s desire to end his Manchester United career surely spells the beginning of a messy, protracted saga that will see Rooney exit the club he swore never to leave.

Never mind the extra-marital scandals that have caused United disrepute, if Rooney had maintained the form that saw him go so close to winning the golden boot last season there would be no question of him leaving the club. He was on such a high last season he must have thought himself invincible; the face of Nike and Coca-Cola etc., his own TV show, scoring for fun and being praised from all corners, it must have gone to his head. Then disaster hit on and off the field. Suddenly he was public enemy number one and second fiddle at United. To protect his professional reputation Ferguson covered a blatant loss of form and concentration with what was revealed to be a blatant lie about a recurrence of an ankle injury.

The truth is that Wayne Rooney’s performances this season don’t warrant a place in United’s first eleven. With Berbatov’s form and Chicharito et al knocking on the door, Ferguson was right to drop him. Instead of expressing his feelings in private, keeping his head down and concentrating on regaining the form that will no doubt return at some stage, Rooney proved that he now thinks he is bigger than Manchester United by publically contradicting his manager. Ferguson has a track record of zero tolerance on this sort of behaviour, and this was David Beckham and Jaap Stam rolled into one. “I said to him one thing. Just respect the club. I’m not sure he’s done that” said Ferguson in today’s press conference.

Retrospect shows that no player is bigger than Manchester United, but then in the past United had the power to replace one superstar with another. The time passed since Cristiano Ronaldo’s transfer has proved that United chief executive David Gill was lying through his gritted-toothed smile when he said that the world record £80 million would be reinvested into the team. Rooney has at least proved that the United hierarchy are prepared to tell bare-faced lies in public.

While the Glazers own Manchester United there will be no more big money deals such as the £30 million deal reached with Everton for their multi-talented spud-faced nipper. Along with perhaps Nani, Rooney is the only world-class attacking player in his prime that United have, which is backed up by the fact that the team, despite still being unbeaten so far this season, have failed to win six out of 11 games. In other words they miss the spark to turn one point into three that Rooney provided so often last term.

On the plus side for fans a serious drop in form at United could spark the end of the Glazers’ tenure. Although they have already proved that the only fan-related issue they are concerned with is the revenue from the club megastore, if United were to sink down the Premier League table as have Liverpool, the green and gold protest may turn from a fashion statement into a blood-thirsty mob that Malcolm Glazer and his sons would have no choice but to address. Remember that until six months ago United were Premier League champions three times running despite more and more money being syphoned from the coffers. Maybe Rooney leaving could be the short-term loss that is needed to put an end to Malcolm Glazer; a trade that every United fan would surely be willing to take.

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  • Cuzzy

    Rooney is an absolute disgrace!!! He does not deserve to wear the red of Manchester United!!! After all the club and Fergie have done for him, this is how he chooses to repay us. It just shows he has no loyalty, no morals – after all, look what he did to his wife!! A real man. He is to thick to realise that leaving Manchester United is a massive step down. I cant wait till he returns to Old Trafford with his new team – Vidic will be licking his lips. We made Rooney the star he is today and we will un-earth a new gem soon!! Come on the Red Devils!!!

  • Adam Webster

    Rooney’s been off the rails for ages now, and unless he grows up a bit and sharpish he will do it all again at his new club.

    Just like politicians, if you give them power some will use it wisely and others will abuse the privilege. Rooney has abused his talents, and it may just be so that one day he finds that nobody wants him. That would be a real shame, as he is one of the best talents England has produced in the last 10 years.

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but I see traces of George Best in Rooney – mercurial genius, yet deeply flawed.

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