No sympathy for foolish Holloway

by admin

Monday, November 15th, 2010

Ian Holloway is an interesting character. As large an understatement as the hole in Blackpool’s defence and as large as the heart they continue to show. The scope of what he has achieved so far with the plucky seasiders cannot be underestimated, but while the fate of his team will be decided across a 38 game season, Holloway’s own may be bought to an altogether more untimely end, and all because he has his finger on the trigger, and is aiming squarely at his own head.

Blackpool are most certainly formed in the image of the eccentric Bristolian. His desire to succeed courses through the veins of the side and has driven Blackpool onto results most thought impossible. He is without doubt the heart of the team, and if his threat to quit if charged by the F.A over fielding a weakened team becomes a reality, Holloway may just be confirming his caricature as a joke figure rather than an accomplished manager, and rip the heart out of everyone’s second favourite club.

“he has his finger on the trigger, and is aiming squarely at his own head”

Harry Redknapp recently said; “even Jose Mourinho would struggle to do better than Ian Holloway has done.” Most will agree with this but a glance into his checkered past casts doubt over his credibility. The difficult ending to his time at Plymouth and relegation with QPR do not hint at a successful Premier League manager, although it seems he has found a home at Blackpool, a place where he can put his coaching skills to practice. However it is not his coaching skills which are in doubt, but his managerial skills – and he must balance both to ultimately succeed. It seems it’s now time to lose the eccentric interviews and the outlandish comments. Holloway is a man who cannot now hide behind his personality – in the Premier League he will rightly be judged on the results he achieved.

Quitting would not only hurt his career but put Blackpool in serious jeopardy. Holloway should, no needs, to learn the lessons of Mick McCarthy and Wolves and move on to complete the job he has started. As much as most can agree that the F.A charge is ridiculous, most will agree that Holloway’s response bears the same hallmark. To undo the hard work and to jump off the roller-coaster mid-loop would be sheer lunacy, the act of a mad man. Oh dear…….

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  • Colie

    Needless article….we all know the reasoning behind why Holloway came out with what he said. Because the rules are wrong…..the whole game is wrong….as he pointed out in his Rooney interview. It will take people like Holloway to get things changed and to point out the complete inadaquacies in the game and the rule makers. Instead of knocking said people we should be backing them.

  • Peter

    They say the mark of an immature man is that he is willing to die for a cause, the mark of a mature man that he is willing to live for one, and I think Holloway has proved himself the former.

    What is there to gain from quitting? Everyone in the game was behind him and agree’s the rules are wrong already, so all he is doing in undermining all his teams efforts so far this season.

  • Damian Feeney

    I’m sorry, but this is patronising to the hilt. Having watched Blackpool play several times this season they should be doing even better than they are. Supporters are sick and tired of the way they are being treated by the media, not least on blogs like this one. Holloway is trying to change the culture of Premier League football, and his counter-cultural stances (admittedly professed in a larger than life way) are intended to upset the status quo. No fan wants Holloway to go. But how else are you to answer the corporate stupidity of a Football Association which wants to pick your team fro you, because it knows best? This is not the same as the Wolves case because of a 25 man rule imposed by the FA – and still they have the temerity to tell teams who they should pick. That should be intolerable to anyone connected with the game.

  • Paddytheflea

    Holloway is an interesting, entertaining and very charistmatic character and as such he makes a lot of statements that we now not to be necessary true, Peter.

    He for instance put words in McCarthy’s mouth that he never said, so I wouldn’t be worried at all that he will leave Blackpool just because of him saying so.

    As a charismatic man he can coach his team to play over their actual potential for a while, but they will catch up with reality soon enough. Actually already the coming Saturday when they face Wolves.

    And it’s not FA that have set the rules about not putting out a weakened team, it’s the Barclay’s Premier League – an organisation led by the PL-teams officials themselves. A sort of peer-review and this rule is of course in place to guarantee quality football and big revenues coming in from the sponsors and the TV-companies. And also from the spectators on the grounds, of course.

    So you can say what you want about the rule, but it has a purpose and it’s set up by the clubs themselves. But if Blackpool are not fined as Wolves was it’s something wrong with it and the board, cause they did exactly the same thing as Wolves, and the rule is still the same and in place.

    By the way. A very good blog, this, and I like the colors. Almost as at home. 😆

  • Norman Adder

    What a sad post. Pathetic in the extreme. Ill-judged and ill-informed. Clueless about the facts. Malevolent in its objective.

  • James

    “The three month spell at Plymouth and relegation with QPR do not hint at a successful Premier League manager.”

    Completely manipulating things to suit your own agenda. What about the promotion achieved on a shoestring budget at QPR, where he is still very highly thought of. He signed some great players at Plymouth and they were on the verge of the play-offs when he left, again on a small budget. Not to mention the miracle he worked last season at Blackpool. Admittedly his record isn’t perfect, but whose is? I think that he is more deserving of a chance at the top level than many other coaches who have been appointed in the past with little experience of management. Alan Shearer or Gareth Southgate anybody?

  • BigHands

    Wolves fine has nothing to do with it. The rules have changed since then with teams now having to name a squad of 25 before the start of the season.

    Also, the writer of the article needs to get his facts right. He managed Plymouth for 15 months – not 3.

  • Karl Oyston

    Peter South? Never heard of ya and writing rubbish like that will get you nowhere in life apart from maybe working on the deli counter in Sainbury’s

    Sound a little bitter and twisted too!

  • Peter South

    Thanks for the heads up BigHands, I have now changed it.

  • janiejones

    I think that this article has hit the nail on the head, and is saying what we all think but some don’t want to admit- it is not patronising it is simply showing Holloway for who he is- ‘an interesting character’ is a lot nicer of a way to put it than how I would describe him. Mr Oyston your specific put down is nothing but a demonstration of your ignorance, were your bitter and twisted comments meant to be ironic?

  • Karl Oyston

    janiejones I think you will find that BFC no longer listen to these clowns who write rubbish about Blackpool Football Club. For one most barely set foot anywhere near the club to have any idea what is trying to be achieved but think hey lets bash that little club!
    A 25 man squad is exactly what it is a squad in which you can select 11 from within THAT 25! Get it yet?

    So janiejones do you know Ian Holloway personally? I very much doubt it or you wouldn’t post what you did. Never judge someone or something when you haven’t met or had a chance to see things with your own eyes!

    Peter South and janiejones could well be the same people if not they do have something in common, they are CLUELESS!!!!

  • alan garfield

    I suppose the author is also one of many who predicted Bpool would not get 10 points all season.
    Show some respect you idiot, Ollie is God for what he has done for Blackpool FC & the town.

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