Nolan exit signals Newcastle’s demise

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Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

In these modern times, it was perhaps fitting that it came down to a Twitter hashtag to break the news that Newcastle are far from a team with ambitions of reaching their former heights, but a fallen giant slowly eroding to dust.

The sale of Andy Carroll rightly raised eyebrows in January. But with a caveat of £35 million for owner Mike Ashley to hide behind, the waters of contempt Ashley is generally held in became muddied; sure he had sold an iconic number nine before he had had even a chance to hone his right armed-raised celebration, but imagine the team the Toon could build with that money.

The Arsenal team that took on Barcelona in the Champions League last season cost a mere £44 million – so by that logic the Andy Carroll money plus a few dodgy tracksuits sold by Sports Direct and Newcastle have the makings of a top six side surely?

Perhaps the St. James’s Park faithful should have realised when Alan Pardew rocked up at the club (although in fairness he has done well in trying circumstances). Perhaps they should have slapped their foreheads and realised how foolish they had been in believing a revolution was around the corner when Shefki Kuqi was signed on loan.

But now it has been spelled out for them on a site that has done its fair share of damage for club/player/fan relations over the past year or so – and it had to be spelled out by a man who most believed was unable to spell.

“Great player, leader, captain, person, trainer and mostly a friend for life. Devastated to see him SOLD! #mejoseandjonasnext” Joey Barton tweeted this morning upon hearing the news that club captain Kevin Nolan had been sold to Championship side West Ham.

So there it is. Forget statement and counter-statement from club and agent, all it took to undermine any semblance of progress made under Pardew was a way of showing the world what everyone is talking about on a social networking site.

#mejoseandjonasnext. Or corrected for those of you who have a life: Joey Barton, Jose Enrique and Jonas Gutierrez will be the next players out of the revolving door on Tyneside.

He later Tweeted a picture of himself and Nolan in a loving embrace wearing matching adidas boots. It’s all quite sweet really. At least it would have been, if it hadn’t been highlighting the exact moment the best players in the club turned their back on their employers.

In fairness to Barton he has always worn his heart on his sleeve and had hinted earlier this season that he would leave the club if Nolan doesn’t sign a new deal, but the deep rooted discontent on display for the club’s board is worrying in a pre-season that was meant to be the first step on a road to stability following a turbulent period.

This is nothing new of course. Ashley’s mucky paws have been sullying Newcastle football club for a long time before Nolan was shipped out, but whereas before Ashley was accused of running the club into the ground, this time, after a brief period of peace between board and fans, he has shown what most suspected all along: he knows nothing about football.

Before fans could direct their anger at the big bad wolf blowing their house down; now they are confronted with a hapless fool who may have just initiated an exodus to set the club back another five years, and he has his hands on the purse strings.

Nolan was by no means the most talented footballer on the pitch, but what he lacked in ability he made up for in energy, commitment and desire that endeared himself to the Toon Army. In short he is everything Ashley is not.

Don’t worry though. The Metro reports that Newcastle will sign Nigel Reo-Coker as a replacement for Nolan in what presumably be a deal that will appease fans eager to see the £35 million made from Carroll spent. Maybe Ashley does know a thing or two about football after all….

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  • markaccus

    The big issue here is how you extract all that from a disgruntled players hashtag on twitter, you blithering oafs.

  • Alfie

    Don’t believe everything you read! Quoting what the Metro says? And supporting what Barton says on twitter? Can’t wait to see the back of him. He’s not a club legend, whatever he thinks…

    Ashley has done many things wrong but this isn’t one of them. No Geordie tears here! We want professionals, not gobby Scouse Twits who think we owe them ‘cos they’ve turned up for a season. (Barton).

    Nolan’s exit is disappointing but he already plays like a 35year old. He’s not the future, thanks.

  • David Ronsdale

    When will some Newcastle fans realise Ashley is simply stripping everything out of the club that he can sell and replacing it with the cheaper version
    Ashley makes a profit everytime the transfer window opens
    That IS the transfer policy
    We will be watching a team of Perches and Williamsons next year and hoping we don’t get relegated
    Keegan was right things will get worse before he goes then they might get better depending on what Ashley has left us with
    But dont be surprised if he stays until he’s picked the bones clean

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