North London Rivalry…

by Tony Alvarez

Monday, January 10th, 2011

By Tony Alvarez & Laurie Fitzgerald

Fair Play, Theo

By Laurie Fitzgerald

I know this probably isn’t normal for a Tottenham fan to start off something like this, but I thought I would start this piece by saying well done to an Arsenal player – and actually mean it!

Theo Walcott’s admittance to diving to win his side a penalty in the dying minutes against Leeds in the FA Cup on Saturday was a rare show of honesty in a footballing world where simulation is all too easily used and benefitted from.

Of course, there is the argument that Walcott shouldn’t have dived in the first place, and that’s absolutely right. But he was the first to admit that what he did was wrong, and although a punishment from the FA will be deserving, his admittance is refreshing in this day and age – especially after seeing Dimitar Berbatov’s blatant dive against Liverpool and giving a very guilty defence of his actions afterwards.

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We have them running scared again!!!

By Tony Alvarez

A bit of a mixed bag in terms of this article from me this week, I will go in the order that thing happened so it’s easy to follow.

We drew with City some people may see this as 2 points dropped but for me it is encouraging, a team who has spent hundreds of millions and are supposedly title hopefuls were too scared to come to Arsenal and try and win does this mean we are getting our fear factor back?

Yes I know we did not get the desired result but I think if City go any where with them intentions they will be very hard to break down and we came very very close. So whilst it was points dropped it was encouragement for everyone involved with Arsenal.

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