Notes from a Sunday league manager

by Dexy Longshot

Sunday, October 5th, 2008

A crazy day at the office!

Firstly Ref drops out Thursday evening ( no notice or warning ) so I had to sort which I did – John SAGE was his name……. Note that as will become apparent shortly.

Anyway, we were shifted from our usual pitch because our groundsmen had on his list the other team that shared with us- so we were on the sloppy pitch. You cant make this up.

Now the opposition, unbeaten and confident, are soon 2-0 down and then on 21 minutes their “keeper” pulls of a blinding save –absolutely blinding save. So why the inverted commas ???

Turns out he aint the keeper, but the stand in for the Bartez lookalike that IMMEDIATELY substitutes for him after that save. So the stand in comes off…….

Now what does “Mr. Sporting mug off the year ” allow after 50 mins or so ??? You guessed it – for the stand in to come back on as a sub.

And guess what happens – in the wind and with the force of a Roddick Serve, the cheeky **** has a WMD throw on him that causes two goals ( the latter an own goal winner –with 2 mns to go) and who scored the equaliser in between – 3 F****** guesses and two of them aint Rooney and Ronaldo.??? The unfortunate Defender was called Omar Kante so could you say the Ironsides lost at a Canter, get it KAN TE , KANTE oh forget it J

Now back to Mr. SAGE !!! – After 5 mins he gave us a penalty – rightly so for handball. At half time, we have a conversation along the lines off –Ref, you can tell when you are right by the reaction of the players and the body language around you. Only one of their players protested etc…. He agreed. Anyway, two minutes to go a crunching tackle comes in from one of their players, WE APPEAL FOR A FREE KICK as the ball goes out– repeat that, WE APPEAL FOR A FREE KICK. Ok THEIR LINEO sorry repeat that THEIR LINEO was never going to flag for the free kick but of course puts up his flag for our throw. What does Mr. SAGE do – does he give the Free kick and possibly a little word in their ear ?? Does he F***. No Mr SAGE STUFFS US ( now do you get it – what a long build up to a perhaps poor pun ) and GIVES THEM A THROW IN – they did not appeal for it, their lineo did not give it yet what does he do- the result ??? You already know.


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  • Darren

    sounds like a crazy day, although I guess you had to be there!

  • Jezz

    I can understand your anger!! My wife doesn’t understand when I come home in a rage!! She says its just a game, to which my reply is usually its just a pair of stupid ****ing shoes love, she doesn’t get it!

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