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Saturday, September 19th, 2009

So, five games into the league, which players have begun as if their lives depended on it? Who are the early contenders for player of the year, or golden boot winner? Who has surprised you the most? Here are a few names to consider, based on what we’ve seen so far.

Thomas Vermaelen
Hands up who knew about this chap before Arsenal signed him? No-one? Me neither. He’s not bad, though, is he. In fact he is absolutely marvellous. Or is it just that a proper defender will always be made to look even better next to the rest of the sorry shower that calls itself the Arsenal back line? Its probably a bit of both, but he’s not put a foot wrong yet, and can’t half jump up to head a ball.

Didier Drogba
Remember the sulks and tantrums from last year? They seem like a distant memory now. With four goals and four assists, Drogba has been responsible for the most goals of any player so far, either directly or indirectly. He looks unstoppable, and his goal against Stoke was quite spectacular. IF he stays interested, we could see one of those seasons from the Ivorian big man.

Brian Jensen
Sure, he will have plenty of practise, but this keeper can’t stop making saves. He concedes a few, but that’s more down to a leaky, inexperienced Burnley defence than lack of goalkeeping ability. Reminiscent of a portly Peter Schmeichel, he has impressed with his shot stopping and presence in the box. May get a move to a bigger club if he can keep up his form.

Matthew Upson
Almost fraudulently England’s first choice backup at centre back, Upson has been part of the same spine as Robert Green at West Ham which has shown some resilient defensive steel in the early part of the season. And he’s been a bit of a menace at the other end, too. World cup year can bring out some surprising form in players. It seems that Luton’s finest is giving it all he’s got, and it’s good.

Yossi Benayoun
Always a little underrated at Liverpool, he is now the creative inspiration for Liverpool now that Alonso has upped sticks to the Bernabeu. A flat track bully with three Liverpool hattricks to his name already, this little wizard is deceptively strong, and has been useful in the games that Liverpool have played well in. Possibly inconsistent in previous campaigns, he has begun this one well. But can he maintain that form, or will he fall victim to the rotation insanity at Anfield?

Wilson Palacios
Okay, everyone knew he was a good player already, but my hasn’t he settled in well with Luka Modric? Exactly what Spurs have been missing these past 2 years, Palacios does the dirty work, and can distribute tidily too. And he has excelled at this for Spurs in the opening few games. Whether Modric’s injury will affect this remains to be seen, but fair play to Wilson, he’s looking every inch a top class player at the moment. Better than Didier Zokora at any rate.
So that’s a smattering. Any other players that have caught your eye in the first few games? Adebayor would have got a mention were it not for his silliness last week. Who has impressed you? Who has disappointed?

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  • Matt Quinn

    James Collins at Villa/West Ham. Ive been very impressed with him. All the West Ham fans i know think Collins is a better defender than Upson. He wins everything in the air, is strong in the tackle and can also play a bit too. £5m was a bit of a bargain by the looks of things.

  • dexylongshot

    Have to agree on all of them, I mentioned Vermalaan and Yossi in my pre=season preview as ones to watch. I think Rafa has definately been a bit slow with him, his goa;s and assists ration to minutes on the pitch over the last 2 seasons is something Rafa had to address. His run against West Ham at the weekend was brilliant, Maradonnesque. If it resulted in a strike, it would have been the goal of the season and probably goal of the decade. Uppo has always been good and i’m glad we mananged to keep him. What I’m gutted about is James Collins, Mtts right, he wins everything in the air and was badly missed at the weekend. I think it was case of selling Ginge so that Upson stayed, If legohead Lescott is worth 23, The taff is a bargain at 5m.

    PS: Taylor at it again on saturday. Taylor for England.

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