Paddy in the dock

by Mickey Marbles

Friday, September 11th, 2009

I hate that I do!

Right, it’s been a while since my last rant so here goes!

I hate that I do!

Ehup, this week I call to the stand Patrick Joseph “Paddy” Kenny your honour.

After the Blades’ clash with Preston in May 2009, Paddy was found to have traces of the banned substance ephedrine present. The Ireland keeper will now be suspended for a 9-month period, backdated to July 22 when the FA’s ban took effect. He bought a cough mixture from the chemist and stupidly didn’t read the label of ingredients. It was stupid of him of course, being a sportsman, he must know the risks but look at it like this: Adrian Mutu was getting his nose extremely friendly with the coca cola for ages and what did he get for his crime……7 months. That Oldham player went on the lash and then decided to get in motor and accidently kill someone in the process. He’s playing a year later. I won’t even go into all the intentional fouls, head butts but I’m thinking Keano & Cantona here. On a scale of 1-100. I would put paddy in the bottom ten and all the others right up the other end.

You do the math!

Poor old Paddy, give the lad a break eh, he’s had it rough over the last few years. Relegation with the Blades, a row with his best mate over an affair with his other half and then having his eyebrow bitten off by said best mate. Then being reminded about it at every away game he goes to.

This ban is nonsense, if the powers that be cannot distinguish between a serial offender with class A drugs and someone who has forgot to read a label on something you can buy in Boots and then consume an amount, which would make no difference to his performance anyway. Madness, pure madness, it’s enough to turn you drugs. I just hope it cleared up his cough. I reckon he was on something when he lost all that weight though.

Anyroad, ah’ll sithee soon.

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  • jimmythegent

    I was at a game a couple of years back and the abuse he got from the fans was terrible…..but very funny. Loads of:

    “She takes it up … ….”

    “If you’ve shagged Kenny’s wife clap your hands”

    “we’ve all had your missus”

    Poor bloke, he was laughing as well and giving us a wave and he got a standing ovation!!

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