Parachute Payments – open too long?

by Dexy Longshot

Sunday, April 18th, 2010

With the current debate regarding Parachute Payments to Premier League clubs that drop down in to the Championship being extended from 2 years to 4 years, is it fair that 1) this is to be extended and 2) should there even be a Parachute Payment system at all?

When you look at the stats is it any wonder that teams yo yo between divisions like Jodie Marsh’s pants? I’m sure that the people that benefit from this aren’t complaining, but the people who do not advantage from this are a little p*ssed off (that’s in reference to the Parachute Payments and not Jodie Marsh’s pants).

I personally don’t believe that this is a fair system, I would go as far to say that it should be scrapped. My thought process is as follows:

1. Gives clubs licence to run their business over and above their needs, ergo spending more than they can afford.

2. Limits the chances of other clubs in the Championship to challenge for promotion.

3. The money is not evenly distributed amongst the divisions.

At a time when we have seen Portsmouth go in to Administration, the top 2 clubs in the Championship, yet again, are certain to go back to the Premier League automatically and teams lower down the divisions screaming out at an unfair system is it any wonder that I question these Parachute Payments?

Surely any financial award should be earned, by staying in the Premier League, and this comes from good management of both the club and the players on the pitch.

However, this is just my view and I would welcome your thoughts and opinions.

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  • Mark Smith

    Its so unfair for teams like Blackpool who struggle financially to compete in The Championship but are still pushing for playoffs and promotion. Burnleys stratergy has been take the money for 1 season in the Premiership, dont invest in Premiership players.. get relegated take the parachute payments then try to get promoted again. Which in a way is understandable as they have 60m in the bank from Premiership and get a 12m payment next season and for the next 4 if they remain in the Championship.

    It really needs to be looked at.

  • Stephen Trenery

    Totally agree, teams who run their club properly are punished. while clubs that are quite happy to yo yo between divisions invest a little of the money but hoard the rest.

    I really don’t see how this benefits anyone :s

  • dexylongshot

    Have to agree with you chaps, it’s so unfair to the smaller clubs who are making there way up the leagues with good players and management.

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