Pep Guardiola- 5 reasons why it won’t work again

by Michael Somerville

Sunday, January 20th, 2013

By Alfie Green

After a year in early retirement -guarding his three La Liga trophies and two Champion’s League titles like a golden dragon who can’t believe his luck- the young man of football management has returned to the game in the surprising shape of Bayern Munich’s boss. But despite the worshipful Spanish press and his endless winnings there’s a lot to indicate Pep Guardiola will be the flop of the transfer window. Here’s why:

1. He won’t go under the radar this time: This is certainly true- Bayern Munich’s catch of the 42 year-old is no doubt the biggest transfer of the season so far. With Barcelona Pep joined as coach of the B team in 2006 and through one of the strangest staffing quirks of the last decade found himself as manager of one of the biggest teams in the world a year afterwards. There was still startlingly little press at this- Guardiola with was able to quietly manage club affairs without the prying eyes of others.

2. There’s a lot of pressure, without much to do: Bayern Munich, not to mention the Spanish press, will be expecting no less than the eternal success Barcelona enjoyed in the years 2007-10. But in reality all Pep can do is fail here. Bayern will certainly be expected to trounce all German opposition- but there is a large chance that the recently growing Borussia Dortmund might pull off a coup. In terms of the Champion’s League, not only will Guardiola be coming up against the might of his old team Barcelona and mega-rich Man City amongst others- but Bayern Munich were finalists last year. The only way Pep cannot fail is by winning absolutely everything.

3. NO MESSI!!!!!!!!!!!!!: Guardiola’s ascendancy to management was practically co-ordinated with the fruition of the Argentinian wonder-kid’s talents in 2007 when Lionel Messi turned 20. Without the three-times running PFA player of the year there is no doubt Barcelona would have been a shadow of their globetrotting selves. Guardiola is going to need to rely heavily on the recently dilapidated Frank Ribery and Bastian Schweinsteiger, or a brilliant signing. Speaking of which…

 4. He doesn’t have any experience in the transfer window: He didn’t need any. The only dealings that come to mind seem to be Henry (big woop) and selling Eto’o (big mistake). And as we can see above- Pep is definitely going to need a active pen to sign a team good enough to meet his Champion’s League minimum target

5. He doesn’t have any experience in anything: Let’s put this in perspective- Pep Guardiola has only had one management job. The only reason that wasn’t at Stoke-on-Trent FC was that he was a decent Spanish international. There is absolutely no indication how he will do without the support of the world’s best youth programme, training facilities and player (of all time?) to keep comfortable. We literally have no idea how this will play out. We’d have little more idea if we put your Gran in charge of the finest German club team of the last century. But I’m willing to vouch it’s not what the world’s expecting.

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  • soloz

    I see u have no valid grounds, probably a real madrid supporter.
    Pep knows he won’t turn FC Bayern into Barcelona because he knows its not possible.

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