Pep Guardiola must have the easiest job in football

by admin

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

After watching Arsenal be slowly and painfully strangled out of Europe last night, it dawned on me that Pep Guardiola must have the easiest job in football. Easier than the medics who wait with their stretchers ready for an injury where they can spring in to action. Easier than stewards, and easier than, Directors of Football. I like to think Pep’s pre match team talks go something like; “Right then lads, just erm, keep doing what you’re doing really, cheers.” Then offer a sacrificial offering to the gods of Messi’s feet, and job done.

Football managers have a very stressful time of it and as much as we all like to think we’d be good managers, we probably wouldn’t. Pep and Carlo Ancelotti have enjoyed success in their relatively short reigns at their current clubs, but the difference is Carlo must be tearing his hair out trying to fathom why his team, who started the season so strongly, can’t seem to get a result, and for Pep, the hard work is done for him, he sits back and enjoys the show.

The players defend on the half way line, form triangles around oppositions, and despite always playing straight through the middle, they manage to dink short balls around to penetrate even water tight defences. They grow and strangle like a cancer, forcing teams to chase the ball and look on as the magic unfolds. The best part, they absolutely love it.

I’m not saying that if I took over as manager the flawless performance and results would sustain, of course not, Guardiola is a Catalan legend, but this way of playing is drilled in to all the players like they’re a brain washed cult, it’s instinct.

I’m not slagging Pep off either, he is brilliant, even if he did shatter English dreams by saying he had 20 reserves as good as Jack Wilshire. I’m complimenting his squad; they are the best in the world, so good that I don’t think they need managing.

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