Please Arsenal, pull your finger out

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Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Arsene Wenger has to be applauded for his efforts as the transfer window draws to a close. After being humiliated at Old Trafford on Sunday, he cannot have spent much of his time off the phone as he looks to bring in the necessary reinforcements to make his side competitive this season.

But Chu-Young Park for £3m? Hardly a signing to inspire Arsenal’s dejected fans – nor one likely to set the Premier League alight this season. Don’t get me wrong, 25 goals in 91 appearances for Monaco is not bad – but it’s unlikely to set the Premier League alight.

Arsenal are a side that should be challenging for Premier League titles, and to do that in this day and age – money has to be spent. It is good to see that they have made a move for Per Mertesacker and Andre dos Santos, who are good players.

Even Mertesacker comes with a bit of a reputation, though. Throughout the world cup, commentators were braced and ready for him to make a mistake, be caught horribly out of position, or to be utterly out-paced. I hope for Arsenal’s sake that he can, in fact, prove everyone wrong and make it as a top defender at this level.

The question Arsenal fans will be asking is where are the replacements for Nasri and Fabregas? Owen Hargreaves is reportedly heading to Manchester City to sit on the bench for a couple of seasons – many think his experience would be a welcome addition to the Arsenal side.

With Manchester United chasing Sneijder, Chelsea after Modric and Liverpool having already snapped up Adam, Downing and Henderson, Arsenal have done nothing there.

Let’s be honest, Newcastle have even stolen a march on Arsenal today, with the imminent arrival of Davide Santon from Inter Milan. The 20-year-old defender would seemingly have been right in the mould of a typical Arsenal signing, being young, promising and ready to walk straight into the first team.

The fact is, Arsenal have a fabulous 60,000 capacity stadium right in the heart of one of the best cities in the world. If that is not enough to attract today’s star footballers, well I don’t know what is. Someone clearly cannot be doing their job properly.

This is not a criticism of Arsene Wenger – he has proven himself as one of the finest coaches in world football. But something just doesn’t seem quite right, and until someone pulls their finger out and brings in the sort of players the fans crave, the club’s demise will only continue.

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  • whatever

    Shut it! What do you know about transfers at Arsenal.

  • Shaun

    Santon would have been a good signing; he can play at either fullback position and has bags of potential. M’Vila would be nice too but sounds like a lot of money for him. Can’t see Hazard happening this year but until tomorrow it can’t be ruled out, there’s always hope!
    I’ve always thought that if we could try to find some rock-solid base to the team (back 6, including GK and DM) then we can better afford to blood youngsters and “bring them through” and we have 2 highly rated young wingers and a few young CMs waiting to impress… let’s see.

  • chris

    Its hard to talk football with one so bereft of football knowledge…. Where I start

  • K

    Are you fucking kidding me? Mertesacker is one of the finest and most elegant centrebacks in the world. Big. Superb in the air. Hardly ever gets carded. He’s a shoe in for the EPL and at this price, a steal. I mean do you honestly believe that somebody like Cahill who plays for an inferior club, an inferior country, has fewer caps and no European experience at all, at basically the same age, would be a better player than Mertesacker? Did you even watch the World Cup? Germany were absolutely fantastic!

  • dexylongshot

    He’s not the quickest and the Premier league is a lot faster than Germany, he is a big man and will be a presence defending set pieces but if i was facing him, i’ll be sending on the speed merchants. I think I would have opted for Cahill.

    Bolton played 36 games and had a goals against record of 56.
    Werder played just 29, they let in 61.

    Arsenal still need another very good defender.

  • dexylongshot

    More discussion on Arsenal on the latest podcast along with Englands youngsters & fitness of Skys female reporters. You know it’s mustard, just like Racheal Live from Loftus Road.

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