Podolski In Bendtner Out!

by Marvin Cave

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012


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Dear Gunners Our Faith has been tested during this season like never before, its been dubbed as Arsne Wengers toughest season ever, His worst ever, where some gunners and the media labeled Arsenals new recruits panic buys, Calling Arsenal a sinking ship. And now and then we’d be told by the 5pud2*** to mind the gap. And Also being reminded of that result I h8-2 mention despite them getting 6 in the City. And us Going all Ar53nal over that other team, Crazy Season it’s been hasn’t it. 😉

Arsenal this season has been Associated with mediocrity. But our Motivated Stumping of Tottenham, which has coincided with their bad form, has Rejuvenated our Side and We’ve won 9 matches out of 8.

Okay okay on to the topic at hand. Arsenal are said to announce the signing of Podolski soon.

The good old days that seem to have left with Cesc are back! Arsenal are also said to be willing to sell a few fringe players at cut price to free up space and decrease the wage bill a bit, and also fund transfers and new wages, our supposed new signings and potential targets will earn.

O to be a gooner. Finally we will be free of frustrating Denilson, cocky Bendtner, helpless Almunia and Suspect Squllaici.

Now, All gunners, unless you still on the fence, have been trying to figure out where and how Poldi will fit into our 4-3-3 System which sometimes may vary to 4-2-3-1 or a 4-1-4-1 Formation.

I personally think Poldi won’t be on the wings as much as Gervinho and Walcott. I think will go the route *Barca* went when Cesc signed. And will play Robbin in the False 9 with him moving into the No.10 position ,So I expect Arsenal to retain their passing game but the Addition of Poldi could result in us having counter attacking tactics where if we find our selves defending a corner Podolski will stay up with Walcott just off him and Maybe Van Persie Defending The Corner. Walcott’s pace and Poldi’s Deadly Left Boot And Speed Could Be a Blessing For Arsenal!!!

Our formation could change to a 4-3-1-2 with walcott and Podolski the Most advance players and Van Persie Lurking behind them and doing what he does best. Dropping into the middle of the park to create space for walcott and Poldi. The dynamism between Theo and Poldi will be great for Arsenal Because There is Pace, Power and Great Technique.

The three behind Robin I Suspect it fit will be *jack*/Ramsey,*Song*/Diaby,*Arteta*/Francis. I’m very happy that Francis Signed a new contract because of he’s a wonderful passer of the ball and his amazing ability to stay Calm in possession, My guess is that he should get around 29+ games next season.

As For Vertonghen I don’t think will sign him. Personally we got 3 superb defenders that will be the first choices. And there are only two spots open per game. Can’t see him settling for a role as the utility man. He’s too good.

But I hope we get one creative player though, but we have “The Ox” who showed he is more than capable of dictating play if called upon. And I think he will play a vital part in our team next season. According to Transfermkrt.co.uk he has a contract until 2017 and there have been reports he is going to get an upgrade on his current deal. Me being such a Fan I hope its Extended until 2018:).

Happy days Are here Gunners, Although one thing still gives me a slight head ache and thats Robins contract. But he promised there was nothing sinister about him wanting to wait until the summer. I’m holding on to the hope and belief that I have, that he is a gunner through and through hopefully he is holding on for a bumper contract of around £170 000. He is one of the best and we need to give him the best, And repay his loyalty handsomely!

All in all. Were back in business! #GOYG

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  • tumi

    whre z thomas rosciky in the line up

  • http://maqthegunner.wordpress.com MaQ The Gunner

    Rosicky Is 32 Realistically He Won’t be First Choice Next Season. Think Of it.

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Mystical Mike

    We’ve been before so I wouldn’t get too excited. I just hope Wenger doesn’t see we are papering over the cracks with this good run. We need to spend big if we are going to be able to compete with the Mancs & The Chavs next season, they will spend no doubt. As for the Spuds, half of their team will leave when they finish 6th so normal service resumed.

    We another centre back, as Djouro has finally showed his lack of class, as for the 7ft German, well, cash in now, he’s not good enough.

    If I was Wenger I would Vertonghen, I’d also sign Leighton Baines, he’s been different class this season and would link up well with Polodski.

    We def need to get rid of Vela, Bendtner, Park & Chermak. That should give is some extra cash to buy a decent striker, maybe Ba?

    I also have a sneaky feeling Wenger will be in for Ben Arfa, he’s French and has all the qualities to be a legend with us.

  • http://maqthegunner.wordpress.com MaQ The Gunner

    Ba Would Be risky.. He could be Great or He Could Be just Another Yakubu… If you know what I mean. As for Hatem… Well I wouldn’t get my hopes up.. But knowing. Wenger I’d say we could Sign Montolivo.. Not Sure About Vertongehn.. We could sign one Stiker.. And be told that other deals are being made(you know Arsne).. Until the window Closes o and ad a few new teenagers there..

  • John

    Bendtner or Chamakh or Park? Even if we sell Chamakh and buy Podolski, we still need a decent 3rd striker. Yes Bendtner can be a bit of an @rsehole but don’t let your dislike of him distract from his qualities – I think he’d be perfect as a back up striker who can offer an alternative/plan B.

  • http://maqthegunner.wordpress.com MaQ The Gunner

    Can you really see him settling for third best?

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