Predictions for 2008: Blue Square Premier

by Dexy Longshot

Friday, January 11th, 2008

Blue Square Premier

Seeing as it’s new year, over the next few weeks, I’ll be giving you my predictions on the state of play come May when promotion beckons for the lower league sides. Forget your Cashleys and Rios with their bling, bucks and roasting recipes, football is a mans game. Lets get down with the muck and bullets of the Blue Square Premier which is fittingly named after the head shape of most of the leagues defenders and the colour of their victims nuts after 90 minutes.

Sitting not so pretty at the top of the pile are Aldershot. The former league outfit look like the boys to beat this season with a 7 point lead at the top although they have played a game extra than most of there nearest rivals, namely Helles Belles beloved Torquay and Stevenage Borough. I’d draw you attention to Stevenage.
They now have 6 wins on the bounce and the leagues top scorer Steve Morrison with 13. I reckon come May, they may be giving the Shots the Bullet. You can still get 2/1 on Stevenage.

While on the subject of the Blue Square, the biggest talking point in the last few months has centered around the take-over of Ebbsfleet (formerly Gravesend and Northfleet). I took a interest in in this last summer and my huge £35 cash injection and 2 recent 4-1 wins are starting to turn Kent’s finest into serious charges.
The Fleet
They won’t do it this year but I think with the money that could potentially be pumped into this club from local business’s coming into the growing area
and ongoing press coverage, they will be mixing it with the big boys within the next 2 years.

There only drawback is the name of their striker: Stacey Long, that sounds more like a Hollywood nut buster than a South East net buster. Surely Stacey Longshot
would be more appropriate, I’ll have to have a word with my fellow board members, all 50,000 of them!

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  • Darren

    I was one of the mugs who actually paid 35 quid to sign up, why? I don’t see the point, how on earth can 50,000 run a football club? It’s hard enough with 4 or 5 fat cats sitting on the board.

    Personally, I would like to Stevenage get in the football league, as I felt well sorry for them. A few years ago they were promoted but were refused entry as their ground wasn’t finished in time.

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