Premier League or Premier Lame

by Dejon

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010


The World Cup is over and there’s bound to be some sober reflection for many of the competing nations.

Especially now that the rankings have been released.

Italy and France both finished bottom of their groups, one side truly fancied for the trophy bowed out at the quarter-finals and English hopes were dashed in the last 16.

Italy’s squad was an aging one and head coach Marcello Lippi was criticised in some quarters for picking such an old group players.

France had qualified by way of the now infamous Thierry Henry handball against the Republic of Ireland in their playoff game.

While Argentina limped through the CONMEBOL group with Diego Maradona in charge and used 498 players in the process.

England though – as always – were not overawed in their prospects of going all the way, or at least to the latter stages of the competition.

They had sailed through the European qualifying section, scored the most amount of goals and everything seemed in place for their best crack at the trophy since 1990.

How wrong were we to be…?

Sparing everyone the actualities and results, we will go into a new Premier League season with most of the players’ reputations damaged.

But is the league also in tatters?

Are the foreigners really disguising the fact that the league is not the best in the world?

Does it just have the most money?

La Liga can definitely lay claim to the non-existent (and totally pointless) title of world’s best league.

The Spanish side that began the World Cup final against the Netherlands were all from their home league – indeed, 6 of them from the champions, Barcelona.

England’s 23 players were all from the Premier League, so, we know if we were to criticise the league, then we have a leg to stand on there.

But the Netherlands’ starting XI contained four players from the same division.

So maybe that is not the answer.

Another angle is the amount of teams the Premier League has in the latter stages of European competition.

Five of the last six Champions League finals contained at least one English team; three seasons ago Manchester United defeated Chelsea.

Two English clubs have won it.

In the inaugural Europa League last season, Fulham were narrowly beaten in the final, while Liverpool reached the semi’s.

Inconclusive yet still…

Okay, if I told you that of the four English teams that reached the Champions League final, only 20 starting players were home-grown.

Less than a third.

So what makes a good league and national side? Home grown players? International superstars? Money? Fans?

Internazionale won the treble last season, how many of their players that started the Champions League final were home-grown?

Answer? None.

But as we know, Italian football has been in the doldrums for a few years, but still, arguably their three biggest teams –Milans Inter and AC and Juventus – have all reached the final, the latter beaten by the Rossoneri in 2003.

Make your own conclusions…

But I feel the Premier League is on the wane…

No pun intended, Mr Rooney!

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  • Darren

    lame, lame, lame!

    I’m fed up with seeing their stupid ego’s on billboards, over rated parasites are living off the world class players around them

    Time for a revolution!!!!!

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