Premier League Predictions

by Mystical Mike

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008


Birmingham v Chelsea

I was forced to eat my shoes after Birmingham secured an unlikely 1-1 draw at the Emirates. These were the same shoes that Ashley Cole sold on eBay, they did smell a bit so it wasn’t the end of the world. It won’t be the end of the world for the Brum either. A buoyant Chelsea side should win this, but only by the odd goal.

Prediction 0-1


Blackburn v Middlesbrough

Peggy’s hot pot was the toast of Blackburn last week with their tasty victory at Bolton. Boro on the other hand are rather stale. New ingredients are needed and quickly. Rumor has it they are looking to sign, a keeper, 2 forwards, 4 midfielders, and 4 defenders.

Prediction 4-1


Fulham v Arsenal

Steptoe & his Sons went back to the rag and bone yard empty handed as expected last week. Speaking of rubbish, Arsenal have Philip Senderos, the error prone lump of lard could provide both Chelsea and Man Utd ammunition in the title race.

Prediction 1-2


Newcastle v Bolton

That’s all folks. Can the Looney tunes take any more punishment? Bolton have lost Road Runner but will see this as an opportunity to win away from home for the first time since April.

Prediction 1-2


Portsmouth v Derby

I will put my spare set of shoes on this one. Even though Pompey haven’t scored at home since September. Derby are quite simply, the worst team ever to grace the Premier league.

Prediction 2-0


Reading v Man Utd

Man Utd will seek revenge for when they last met Reading. Rooney, Tevez &
Wes Brown all failed to finish the Jackie cross word.

Prediction 0-2


Tottenham v Sunderland

It’s the January sales at Spurs, if you have £9.50 to spend Darren Bent, Paul Robinson & Younes Kaboul could be yours. Having spent considerably more than £9.50 Sunderland still find themselves in the bottom 3.

Prediction 2-0


Man City v West Ham

Part 2 of a City Hammers double header. Sven has been there, done that and Once again his experience should be enough here.

Prediction 2-1


Wigan v Everton

The streets of Wigan are alive with the sound of Steve Bruce. Everton have been dancing on the ceiling recently and will continue to do so.

Prediction 1-1


Liverpool v Aston Villa

Liverpool will win the league, the Champions league, the Coca Cola & The FA Cup. That’s according to Billy McTavish, the Pro Evolution champion of Merseyside. In reality they will win nothing, just like Villa who at least will keep the same side for more than 2 games.

Prediction 1-1

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