Premier League Predictions

by Mystical Mike

Wednesday, March 12th, 2008

Arsenal v Middlesbrough, (5:15pm)

Arsenal don’t do defeats, but if they did it would probably be to a crap team like Middlesbrough. The Gunners are fading fast, where as Boro are once again looking to cement a top 17 finish.

Prediction 1-0


Derby v Man Utd, (3pm)

Derby are by far the worst team ever to grace the Premier League. Although this could be the game to kick start their season. There is talk that United will field their strongest 5-a-side team to make it a contest.

Prediction 0-5


Liverpool v Reading, (3pm)

Liverpool have at last found some form, it’s only taken 7 months to do so, Torres has started the last 4 games, the Reds have won them all, take note Rafa.

Prediction 3-1


Portsmouth v Aston Villa, (3pm)

The magic Pompey juice is well and truly flowing once again, a brilliant day light robbery at Old Trafford was followed up by a decent win against Birmingham. Villa are hot, cold, hot, hot, hot, cold.

Prediction 1-1


Sunderland v Chelsea, (3pm)

Lumpy scores 4 and ends all hope of me winning my fantasy league in the process. Sunderland are in a world of doom, just one more win and their hearts will go boom.

Prediction 0-1


West Ham v Blackburn, (3pm)

What are the odds on West Ham losing 4-0 for the 4th time in 4 games? I’ll tell you, 44-1. Blackburn are not known for scoring more than a goal away from home but this could be the time to do it.

Prediction 0-4


Fulham v Everton, (Sun 1.30pm)

Trumpton FC are heading down. Everton are still to lose in the Premier League in 2008, this run will surely continue as powder puff Trumpton have run out of cotton wool.

Prediction 0-2


Man City v Tottenham, (Sun 4pm)

City were once unbeatable at Eastland’s, and Spurs think they are brilliant, winning 2 Mickey Mouse cups was a bit to much to ask. A bore draw on the cards here.

Prediction 0-0


Wigan v Bolton, (Sun 4pm)

Wigan have hired 20,000 Zulu’s to jog on the spot an hour before kick off. It worked last Sunday, so why not this one. Bolton have been in contact with Big Sam, apparently he left his collection of Razzle in Gary Smegsons top draw.

Prediction 1-0


Birmingham v Newcastle, (Mon 8pm)

A massive game for both sides, Brum can’t buy a win, Newcastle can’t buy a goal. Defeat could see The Geordies slip into the bottom 4, to good to go down, I think not.

Prediction 1-1


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  • Darren

    3 results spot on, you’re getting better Mike.

    Can you tell me who will win Miss UK Football Finder?

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