Premier League Predictions

by Mystical Mike

Thursday, March 20th, 2008

Aston Villa v Sunderland

Villa could do with a scrappy doo win, anything but 3 points will Scooby do. The Black Cats are almost as bad as Trumpton & Derby on the road, I can’t see anything but a Villa revival here.

Prediction 4-1


Blackburn v Wigan

Peggy was on holiday last week which explains Blackburn’s failure to beat West Ham. The hot pots were sorely missed. The Wigan Rugby massive are proving very hard to beat.

Prediction 1-1


Bolton v Man City

Gary Smegson’s Bolton are in a world of Doom. Sven’s City are heading for a reasonable mid table finish. One thing is for sure, Sven won’t be going down. Which makes a change.

Prediction 1-1


Everton v West Ham

A rare defeat at Trumpton FC saw the Toffees lose their first league game in 2008. The Hammers didn’t get hammered, which was nice.

Prediction 4-0


Middlesbrough v Derby

This is a great chance for Boro to actually get more then two players in the opposition’s half. Alves worth 12m? Derby to win a game. In the words of Andy Millman, ‘Is he ‘avin a laff?’

Prediction 1-0


Newcastle v Fulham

Surely Keegan can’t fail against Trumpton FC? A defeat would be the biggest shame up since David Dunn’s buzzard a few years back. It will also have the Toon calling for his head.

Prediction 1-0


Reading v Birmingham

I for one would like to see Reading stay up, they have a very nice kit and a great mascot. Birmingham also play in blue, it’s my favourite colour.

Prediction 1-0


Tottenham v Portsmouth

Say what you like about the Spuds, but one thing is for sure, they are not as good as they think they are. William Defoe will be itching to show them what they are missing, although scoring goals doesn’t seem to be their problem.

Prediction 1-2


Chelsea v Arsenal

Ashley Cole is a very horrible person, I sincerely hope that all pigs leave their poo on his head, Arsenal be hoping the mouthy little shit gets more than a head full of poo. Call the Chavs boring, but the 4-4 draw was the best game I’ve seen in a long time. Arsenal will be hoping for more of same at the back.

Prediction 0-0


Man Utd v Liverpool

Ronaldo is so hot at present that ET Gomez wants him to sign for Mars FC, and who would put it past him, the guy is simply on another planet. Liverpool have found some form so expect fireworks.

Prediction 0-1


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  • Tippo

    Liverpool to beat Man U at home? I don’t think so. Either a draw or a win for Man U, thats what I think.


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