This weekends Premiership predictions

by Mystical Mike

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

Arsenal v Spurs

The Milky Bars were on Arsene Wenger after their magnificent victory over Chelsea on Sunday.

Spurs were moribund under Martin Jol, but with successive victories Ramos can at least look forward to a mid table battle with the likes of Newcastle and Reading.

Prediction: 2-0


Aston Villa v Man City

Aston Villa have resorted to playing World Cup Willy in training, John Carew has won twice scoring 6 goals in the process, this must be converted to actual goals.
City are buzzing, Sven is smiling, everyone’s happy, spread the love!

Prediction: 1-1


Blackburn v Chelsea

Call the doctor, Father Christmas is on fire after his hatrick at Wigan, unfortunately there’s no pressure in Chelsea’s pump, without Drogba the fire will rage and Chelsea will be flat again.

Prediction: 1-0



Bolton v Birmingham

Both teams are much improved; there is talk that Alex McLeish and Gary Megson will have a dance off before the game to see who is the better manager. My money is on a draw.

Prediction: 0-0


Fulham v Wigan

Fulham are fast becoming the Premierships most pointless side, their fans are boring, their team is boring, and their kit is boring. Wigan are a bit better, but not much.

Prediction: 1-1


Liverpool v Portsmouth

It looks like the Pompey juice is running out, or is it? Portsmouth go to Anfield looking for a club record of 7 straight away wins.

Liverpool on the other hand will continue to pump long balls up to Torres hoping for some magic.

Prediction: 0-0


Middlesbrough v West Ham

Boro can once again look forward to a mid table battle, this all depends of course on which team turn up. Mike Tyson at his peak on their day, Eddie the Eagle on others.

West Ham will moan that they have an injury list as long as Eddie’s longest jump, but they can boast a pretty good away record this season.

Prediction: 0-0


Man Utd v Everton

Feed the Yak, he is hungry, although it looks like he’s eaten enough, never the less he will be a handful for the meanest defence in the league, however, United have a habit of playing very badly but still taking all 3 points.

Prediction: 1-0


Newcastle v Derby

Anyone watching Match of the Day on Sunday night would have seen Big Sam mince across the Craven Cottage pitch, it was so camp that Graham Norton would have been extremely proud!

Derby on the other hand, could do with Graham Norton; with a back line so weak that even Graham himself would score against them.

Prediction: 3-0


Reading v Sunderland

Steve Coppell is so deadpan that he makes Jack Dee look like Graham Norton, just like Mr Norton his Reading side are very up and down.
Roy Keane was seen kicking a tin of soup after his side were disallowed a winner last week; he has since pick up his trousers from Peggy’s shop, who are incidentally offering a service for £3.

Prediction: 1-2

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  • Phil

    Big gay Sam, very funny.

    Arsenal 1 Spurs 1
    Villa 2 City 0
    Blackburn 0 Chelsea 0
    Bolton 1 Birmingham 0
    Fulham 1 Wigan 4
    Boro 1 West Ham 0
    Liverpool 3 Pompey 1
    Man U 3 Everton 2
    Newcastle 6 Derby 0
    Reading 2 Sunderland 1

  • Baz

    Arsenal 1 Spurs 0
    Villa 2 City 2
    Blackburn 0 Chelsea 2
    Bolton 1 Birmingham 1
    Fulham 1 Wigan 2
    Boro 1 West Ham 2
    Liverpool 3 Pompey 2
    Man U 1 Everton 2
    Newcastle 3 Derby 0
    Reading 2 Sunderland 2

  • Famer Juice

    Boro 3 West Ham 0

    Cos I’s a cockney ins i

  • Pongo

    shock of the day will be Man U 0 Everton 3. You heard it first!

  • Patrick

    The only sure thing is Derby going down. Meg and the young pretender Josh face off over at SquadGod.

  • Derrick B

    Go on the Boogie! 2 perfect scores! getting better!

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