QPR Heading for the Drop

by admin

Monday, August 27th, 2012

Queens Park Rangers are 3/1 to be relegated this season; that is something you should put your money on, if you are thinking of placing a bet on football, this autumn.

With a terrible start to the new campaign, the wheels are soon going to fall off at Loftus Road.

Boss, Mark Hughes, will be sacked before Christmas at this rate, as owner, Tony Fernandes, loses patience with a man who seems incompetent, despite the wealth of talent now at the club.

Michael Laudrup’s Swansea side dismantled Rangers on the opening day of the season 5-0 at Loftus Road, and the Swans, who had a special introduction to the Premier League last season, are now 9/1 to finish in the top six.

With the addition of Michu, the £2million man has replaced Joe Allen with ease in Swansea’s midfield, and Laudrup is continuing the free-flowing football that flourished under Brendan Rodgers with aplomb.

A confident victory at home to West Ham – who can be backed at 9/4 to be relegated – shows the class that is oozing through the Liberty Stadium.

The Hammers, meanwhile, need to get themselves a centre forward who can actually find the net, unlike the currently misfiring Carlton Cole, or that 9/4 price will become very enticing.

Aston Villa are 12/5 for relegation and those odds should get plenty of money exchanging hands.

The Villains simply haven’t been the same since Martin O’Neill left the club, a decision that the owners must surely be regretting, and it looks like the latest gaffer to take the reigns – Paul Lambert – is out of his depth.

He was fantastic at Norwich but the Canaries are a small club and the pressures of Villa Park are clearly a step too far for the Scot.

Villa, QPR and West Ham will all be plying their trade in the Championship next season. You read it here first!

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  • jimbob

    The author of this page is clearly a know-nothing sh**cu**.


    You may well be right about QPR, Mark Hughes just cannot get to grips with the team and inspire players, maybe the players are losing faith in his tactical incompetence. The players are good but are lacking leadership and confidence and if Tony Fernandes is losing faith in the management he should act now whilst Harry Redknapp is still on the market although the rumour is he is bound for West Ham this week, oh well we will just have to wait for Pep ha ha.

  • steve

    your so full of shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tastymama

    Bollocks!! Norwich, Aston villa and Reading are going down!!

  • pete griffin

    dont waste your money guys QPR will not go down

  • M

    You can say that after two games??? you must be a sooth sayer. What about Soton? Norwich? Wigan (who lost their talisman)?

    Have u properly had a think about what your saying?

  • Blair Lucas

    Are you serious?Really?QPR,Villa and west ham? You are obviously a child( in which case you should look at the other squads in the prem and try not to make drastic predictions after only two games of a 38 match campaign.) OR….you are a total football moron, personally I think the latter applies.

  • MM

    totally agree. not before Mark Hughes is sacked that is

  • peterchircop

    way off thee mark with qpr. give them a chance to gel. mid table with confidence. agree villa and hammers in bother. to be joined by the likes of norwich and reading. wigan wont be far off as usual. think fulham look thin after the top 13 or 14 and dembele being courted along with dempsey almost goorne means further thinning of squad. 12-1 is juicy.

  • irish r

    Just to have to put my alias and email address on this so called blog entry pisses me off already. I cannot believe that you sincerely believe what u r saying. QPR to be relegated, WOW, and you heard it here first, you are havin a laugh mate. Firstly, Hughes has done excetionally to get us here p’aying prem football with the run in we had last season, masterminding wins over the pool, spurs, gunners in particular as well as a near win against city, that loss begs further reasoning not for this blog. He also brought in quality thag warnock could only dream of. Hughes name is huge in football, a lot of these players group up watching him score goals for fun ar man utd nd chelsea in particular. U say swansea are 9\1 for top 6, haha im still laughing. So they bet qpr a side with pratically a new starting 11 and west ham, stop my sides are hurting. Villa to go down, again on what grounds, lambert is a great yuong manager and will take time to beg his methods across. Villa drew too many last year but tnags mcleish’s faulg, thats his system. I suppose the pool are gone too. Look, two games does not dictate a seasons form, get a grip and dont bother commeting again until at least 10 games in or until u put more effort into your research. Silly predictions spell novice or child! Sorry but its true.

  • irish r

    Apologise for the poor spelling, on my break, using borrowed phone and hate these small touch type screens.

  • Philip

    I agree with author of this blog. Just becos they’ve spent money doesn’t mean they will stay up.

    They were lucky to stay up last term and this will b no easier

    Under Hughes they are a team of individuals

  • Pete

    you’re a stupid Cunt, who knows fuck all about football.

  • George

    Not one of these teams will go down. You read it here first.

  • Danny

    Yet another tool spouting crap about QPR after only 2 games, you sure you’re not joey barton in disguise?

  • jack

    You’ve based this on two games, you absolute tool, shit article…

  • Dexylongshot

    They won’t go down. In my pre season predictions a few articles back, i explain why i think this, i reckon they will come in around 13th at the end of proceedings based on prevous form last year, pre season and transfer activity up until the start of the season. Ive done a run down of every team. Theres a top 8 predictions blog already done as well waiting to go up. Feel free to put your placings run downs 1-20 and we can all have a gawp at the end of the seaon and claim some bragging rights.

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