Ramos revolution or another year of “settling in”

by Mystical Mike

Friday, August 1st, 2008

How good has Spurs’ transfer activity actually been?

I felt having seen a few “anti-Spurs” blogs, it was only fair that the playing field should be levelled out with a pro-Spurs blog.

Now I think it is important to stress that, Woolwich fans are obviously so worried about their team losing ground and Spurs closing and possibly overtaking them this year, that they are not doing blogs about how great their team is but doing ones attacking Tottenham. I, on the other hand, will be doing a blog about the positive potential of the new look Spurs team and wont lower myself to digging at a team that have only weakened over the transfer period. To be honest, I’m so glad that some of our transfer money for Bentley has gone to Woolwich charity, as they do seem to need it and I’d hate for them to struggle financially anymore.

Anyway, back to Spurs. I think it is an interesting time at WHL and I think if you look at the transfers in and out, we have been shrewd and financially savvy. Starting with the outgoing players, I think everyone would agree that the only player who would possibly be in the Spurs team week in / week out would be Keane. In terms of Keane, although I loved him as a player and would have been very happy if he was still at Spurs, he’s 28 and, judging on history of most strikers, he’s given us his best years. So £20m is good business for him. All these transfers have meant Spurs had racked up £39m in outgoing transfers. With Kaboul and possibly Berbatov still to go for £5m and £25m respectively, Spurs are looking bringing in circa £70m in transfer fees.


In terms of incoming transfers, I haven’t been disappointed with or unsure about any of them. Gomes, is quality from what I have seen, Dos Santos looks like a bargain (Barca did not want to sell him), Modric was a star in the Euros, Bostock is full of potential, Bentley is a great signing and with Arshavin looking imminent, we look very strong. These players have cost us £43m to date (Arshavin not included, included it will be in the region of £63) and we have definitely increased the quality of our squad, in terms of players out and in. You would normally expect this to have a price but with the difference likely to be in the region of £5m either way, you would say with the quality shift has been value for money.

So there you have it – deadwood gone and quality in and it’s only cost us, pessimistically, circa £5m. Now, I’m aware that every year Spurs are full of optimism but even the most cynical Woolwich fan would have been happy with this transfer activity, that has gone on at WHL, to have been done at their club. This is why I am excited. I can see a team with creative midfielders and a passing style with a hard work ethic that can really take us places. On top of the fact, we have one of the best managers in Europe. Bring it on!

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  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    calm down dear, it’s only Spurs!

    Tottenham’s bid for Andrei Arshavin has stalled as Russian side Zenit St Petersburg want £24m, not the £16m Spurs are offering. (The Sun), so that’s not happening. Lets be honest, his dream move was Barcelona, or Champions League football, so this deal was never going to go ahead was it.

    I do agree that Ramos is doing a good job, especially in the transfer market, sell a player, but a player, it’s a simple policy and one that I do wish Arsenal would implement. Image how many trophies would have won he Wenger would have done that.

    But one thing that has really made me laugh is David Bentley comments, talk is cheap, very cheap, “I grew up through the Arsenal youth team but it’s not a problem for me, all my heart is at Tottenham.” What does that mean? I want to entertain the White Hart Lane faithful just like Paul Gascoigne used to.
    Emmm, yes, right ok David, so when a top 4 side come in for you it won’t be a problem ‘as, all my heart with them.’

    I’ve said it before in this blog, Spurs will score goals, even with Darren Bent playing up front, but the at the back is where you need strengthening.

    Let’s be honest, if the Spuds are finally to be taken seriously then have to mount a serious challenge on the top 4, otherwise the whole of North London will once again be laughing all the Emirates…

  • Martin Tibbetts

    Here’s the fact of the matter as I see it. Based on the transfer activity this summer, and I know that it is not yet over, when May arrives Spurs will have improved on last season and the Gunners will have worsened. Arsenal will still be above Spurs in the league but the gap will have narrowed.

    I love the Spurs Arsenal mutual love in, as it is one of the great local rivalries based on utter delusion! Both sets of fans suffer from gloriously overblown expectations of their teams…..

  • Martyn

    Mr Tibbs, agreed last year Spurs were behind Woolwich in teh league no doubt. However, that was a blip, as someone that has watched the team week in and week out for a long time, I can judge that fairly.
    I dont think you can only look one year back and look at the difference. Over the last 3 years we have not been so far behind Woolwich. 3 years ago, they overtook us on the last day, due to lasagnegate. 2 years ago, we were only a few points behind them but more importantly, our results and perfomances against them, Chelsea, Liverpool and Man Utd have greaty improved. Against Woolwich, it was 1-1 with Keane to take a penalty in the 80th at Emirates and Keane blew it. We beat them 5-1 in the Carling Cup, granted with a ‘slightly’ weakened team but nonetheless, 5-1 is a drubbing, against their first choice defence minus Clichy. We lost a goal in added time against Man U to draw, beat Chelsea in the Carling Cup with a full strength team and drew with Liverpool at Anfield, when they equalised in the final minutes.
    As you say, with Spurs improving this year and Woolwich worsening, I think it could be pretty close on paper now, come the end of the season.
    And response to Darren’s concern about our defence. Gomes is in goal now, Ledley is now fit, Bale is now fit, Woodgate is now fit, Hutton will do a full season and Dawson has got his confidence back. Defence is not as big a worry this year as it was last. I’d certainly take all of them ahead of Senderos.

  • Martyn

    ………. oh and Darren, I know Shaun Custis (absolutely the worst football journalist in history) and the Sun are normally always as correct as “Fat Bloke Down Pub” but even Zenit are suggesting the deal will be done, possibly over the weekend. So are you parading around WHL naked with Teflon then?

  • James Webb

    A lot of press has been on the players and type of players Spurs have bought and sold this season but in my eyes what will determine how well we actually do this year is what effect a Ramos style pre-season will have on the players he decided not to sell. The likes of Dawson, Jenas, Huddlestone, Lennon and Bent were all linked with other clubs but Ramos has decided to keep them on and offer them new contracts signalling his intentions to keep a British spine alongside King, Woodgate, Bale O’Hara, Hutton and now Bentley. Then add a sprinkling of quality players from abroad. This is a similar model that United and Chelsea have used and it works very well.

    I know for a fact that very few Spurs fan wants an all foreign side and by having a good mix it gives us power to attract the best British kids because they know they will get a given a chance to progress. Our academy team looks very healthy with the likes of Bostock, Parrett, Rose and Button all representing England this summer.

    Ramos knows what it takes to win Europe’s biggest trophies and his success with Sevilla was no fluke. He isn’t scared to sell so called big name players and anybody with an attitude is straight out the door. For years certain players got into the spurs team on reputation alone, that wont happen under Ramos.

    Also a big mention to the guys behind Ramos. Most notably Gus Poyet who was a very shrewd signing by Ramos. A very popular player at Spurs, a great character to have on the training ground and in the dressing room. It goes to show how highly he is rated with him being touted as a successor to Queiroz at United. I have no doubt if we keep him he will be the most obvious successor should Ramos ever return to Spain. The other mention is our fitness coach Marcos Alvarez who was key last season in changing the diets of our overweight players and getting the lads in the best possible shape during pre-season. The pictures of his innovative training sessions on the spurs website are a breath of fresh air and seeing the lads levels of fitness this early in pre-season is very encouraging.


  • Bakes

    I’m not sure I can share the same enthusiasm for the Spuds this year. They played some wonderful attacking football last year but rivaled Derby with their defending. Ramos came in and the defence improved and they enjoyed a cup win and coasted to mid-table mediocrity after lifting some silver.

    Last year in Keane, Berbatov, Defoe and Bent, I think they had the second best set of strikers outside Manchester. 2 of those players have already gone, 1 more is very likely to be off. They have signed some exciting players. Modric looks special every time I see him play. I can’t say I have seen too much of Gomes, Dos Santos and Bostock. They clearly are players with potential but that is all they are so far. The only player with Premiership experience is Bentley and I think he is a good player. It will be very interesting to see how the new fellas bed in. As we have seen time and again, it often takes a while for foreign players to settle in the Premiership. Will Modric, Dos Santos et all be able to hit it off straight away?

    I fully expect Tottenham to be average for the first few months of the season and then improve as the players adapt to the premiership. If Berbatov goes, I see them struggling for goals. I suppose it depends on any more signings. I would be amazed if Arshavin goes there and surely the Spuds are being used to prompt a big team in to bidding on Arshavin.

    These are exciting times at the Lane but I think it may be a while before they are overtaking the Arse or even Villa come to think of it.

  • James Webb

    I think Gio will surprise a few people this year. I think he will settle quicker than Modric. He has similar ability and pace as Aaron Lennon but with an end product. His set pieces with his left foot will be key this season. With him, Bale and Bentley our deliveries should be a vast improvement on last season.

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    Calm down dear, so how exactly are we worsening? We sold Pleb who was a waste of space and unproductive, read my blog http://blog.ukfootballfinder.co.uk/?p=223 complete with stats and proof of this. We have replaced him with Nasri, who will score more goals is more direct and will become one of the best players in the world no doubt. We also have Fran Merada who is ready for first team action, Carlos Vela who has been out on loan in La Liga and gained valuable experience. We sold Gilberto who was way passed it, Lehmann who was a total liability.

    Rosicky missed most of last season as did RVP, Edurdo should be back in Oct so apart from signing a new center back which we do need I don’t really see how we are worse??? We also came mighty close to winning the league, in case you forgot.

    Do the math please Spuds and Foxes!!

  • Martin Tibbetts

    You didn’t come mighty close to winning the League!!! You tailed off like Jana Novotna as the big guns easily overtook you. Flamini, who you were all claiming to be godlike last season has buggered off, Hleb, who may have looked average but was still a finished product has gone, Adebayor wants away (and will have his eye on the move even if he stays), Gilberto who would have provided strong back up when needed has too.

    All you have signed is Nasri (the key here is your own phrase – who will become one of the best players in the world, ie isn’t now) and a kid from Cardiff who wasn’t a regular there. With RVP playing his requisite 2 games before injury, Rosicky laming himself within a week and Eduardo returning to being the promising youngster he is, you look thin up top and in midfield. You still have no second choices in defence that are worth the short.

    So as I said, a worse side than last year.

  • Bakes

    Let us put the handbags down and get back to the football. Spuds fans, how do you think you will line up at the big kick off then? Bent up front on his own? Will Lennon get a run or is he on the bench?

    Arse fans, how about your line up? Is the squad looking a bit thin these days?

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren


    ( I would like to see us sign a new world class keeper)

    LB Clichy
    Understudy Traore

    RB Sagna
    Understudy Eboue

    CB Gallas
    Understudy Song, Senderos

    CB Toure
    Understudy Djourou

    LM Rosicky
    Understudy Nasri

    RM Walcott
    Understudy Ramsey

    CM Fabregas
    Understudy Denilson

    Cm Diarby
    Understudy ??

    Need to sign someone

    CF Adebayor, Van Persie, Bentner, Vela, Edurdo, Walcott (Call that lightweight?)

    That doesn’t look to bad to me, I would love to see us sign Ya Ya Toure, but Barca are building their team around him so that won’t happen.

    There’s still 2 weeks to go, Wenger will sign 1 midfielder.

    Pleb was not the finished article, he looked good as he was very skilfull, he was very very unproductive. 1 shot every other game says it all, that’s not the finished article in my mind!!

  • Bakes

    Looking good up front. I think you need better cover at centre half and agree that a midfielder wouldn’t go a miss. What about Vela? Is he a centre forward or a winger?

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    he predominantly a winger, so would be great back up or even first choice ahead of Walcott, he can play up front along side a main striker. He terrorized Real Madrid last season. He’s been looking good pre-season as has Bentner. Mind you, so has darren Bent.

    It’s only center mid & center back up we need for sure.

  • tef1on

    Pre season Bendtner and Vela have been quality… not only scoring goals but GOOD goals. Know while i know we have played shite opponents (apart from stuttgard) their goals were still good.

    Darren dont forget about Wilshire… who is now being tipped as the next Fabregas! lets see in the next few years.

    My Arsenal Line up and what i’d say will be the most likely…

    GK -Almunia
    RB – Sagna
    LB – Clichey
    CB – Gallas
    CB – Toure
    RM -Walcott
    LM – Rosicky /Ramsey
    CM – Fabregas
    CM – Nasri
    CF – Adebayor
    CF – RVP

    I Don’t think anyone can call that squad weak!

  • http://aloadofcobblers.blogspot.com Danny Brothers

    Sours will be interesting this season…all things point to Europe at least on paper and I’ve been impressed with their signings so far…dos santos particularly should suit them down to the ground. You need a good start and then who knows what could happen.

  • Martyn

    I reckon we’ll start as follows:
    Gk – Gomes
    RB – Hutton
    CB – Woodgate
    CB – King
    LB- Bale
    RM – Bentley
    CM – Modric
    CM – Jenas
    LM – Lennon
    CF – Dos Santos or Berbatov
    CF – Bent


    GK – Jansson & Alnwick
    RB – Gunter & Zokora & Smith
    CB – Dawson & Huddlestone
    CB – Zokora & Dervitte
    LB – Assou-Ekotto & Gilberto
    RM – Taarabt & Boateng
    CM – O’Hara & Boateng & Taarabt & Bostock
    CM – Huddlestone & Zokora & Bostock
    LM – Gilberto & Taarabt
    CF – Peckhart
    CF – Taarabt

    We do need strikers but its not bad at all

  • dexy longshot

    I hate to say but it wouldn’t surprise me if the front wheel skids challenge for Europe this season. I believe they have struck gold in the chiselled-chin form of Ramos. Their defence which has always been the problem in recent years will be much stronger than last season (injuries permitting). Woodgate was a massive buy for them and young Bales was very impressive before the injury, i’d be worried about King though, the luck he has witth injuries is 2 nd only to my luck with the UKFF Doris’s. Up-front, Bent has been dynamite in pre-season but they have goals all over the team (with exception of Hutton) so I don’t think Keane missing will be such a big loss. As you say, plenty of money has come in and Ii believe Ramos is moulding an excellent team. If Berba does go (which i don’t think he will), 25 big ones in the backburner will be swiftly spent on another top striker. Give them a couple of years and i really think it they could break the big four.

  • Gavin Newman

    I think that the transfer activity done by Spurs this year has quality written all over it. Now ive seen some howlers made by us over the years (Rebrov for £11 mill was a big mistake), but i have also seen some absolute gems (Keane for only £7 mill). The fact that we are spending big money to get some top quality players should have a massive effect on the rest of the premiership as it shows we are wanting to continue the good work started by Martin Jol when he was in charge.

    I feel that Ramos is taking the club in the right direction and if we can get rid of Dimitar Sulkatov and get in Arsharvin AND Villa then i think this club are destined for greatness in the next few years to come.

    Champions league football next season?

    HELL YEA!!!!!

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    I don’t think so, way to early. It took Ramos a few years to turn Sevilla around.

    Did you Andy Grey’s article? he said the signings are not good enough for the SPuds to break into the top 4.

    A top 10 finish will be good for u, that will be a big improvement from last season.

  • Martyn

    Andy Gray knows jack shit about football and is teh worst pundit behind Alan Smith on TV!

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    I thought he was football God? He certainly acts like he is!

  • Martyn

    I know he does. Another shining example of a guy, who cant manage a team but feels he has the right to comment on what other managers are doing. He should be replaced at Sky. Useless. Without the gadgetry, no one would listen him. Maybe there’s a blog in this??

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    go for it, that would be a great blog actually.

    Redknapp is worse, when England struggled to score passed Andora in the 1st half he still found something positive to say as, as always. He said at least they were getting forward, hold a mo, thats the main objective of the game. We were playing against a window cleaner, an estate agent and a marker trader!!

    Give Strachan the job, at least he is not scared to speak his mind. And Martin O Neil for that reason, I never forget when he slated Robbie Williams.

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    Hansen is the best pundit by a mile. Des lost it when he didn’t have Hansen in his team. The same would happen to Lineker.

  • dexylongshot

    Hansen is the money. Green on Radio 5 is pretty good too.
    Lawro should put in an airtight glass pen with Garth Crooks until they bore each other to death.

  • Stevie

    Alan Smith and Garth should get married, the moribund brothers!

  • Martyn

    I’m with Stevie on this one plus ANny Gray can go to Mt. Everest and shout ‘Take A Bow Son!’ for eternity for all I care.

  • dexylongshot

    It’s great to have Stelling back this arvo. Have you seen his toy James Brown dancing about when Hartlepool score, how annoying is that going to be throughout the season….not as annoying as Lawros shite excuses for jokes.

  • Stevie

    thought I bump this post as all the Spurs fans are obviously in hiding!!

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