Redknapp right to talk up Spurs title bid?

by Simon Baystead

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

After Saturday’s super comeback against Arsenal, Spurs boss Harry Redknapp told BBC Sport ‘We (Spurs) can beat anybody’ a claim that most Tottenham fans would agree with as clearly, on their day, this Spurs squad can produce fantastically entertaining football. A superb squad has been built by Redknapp and after picking them off the bottom of the Premier League table and delivering Champions League football, he deserves the upmost respect.

However, this season Spurs haven’t kicked off at all in my opinion. Thinking back to the first game of the season sitting in Greece watching Spurs completely annihilate Man City but fail to score thanks to the heroics of Joe Hart, I thought – this could be a really good season for us. Since then I’ve been somewhat disappointed, with poor results against Wigan, West Ham and Bolton, three teams which if we were title contenders, we should surely see off with ease?

Becoming comeback kings of Europe isn’t such a great thing, going 4-0 down to Inter Milan and nearly pulling it back, as amazing as it would have been, isn’t good enough for title challengers. On the contrary we trounced them 3-1 at home which highlights my confusion over Spurs. To be able to overcome tough deficits like the one on Saturday does show great character and the sort of willpower that title contenders need. At the same time conceding silly goals; Sunderland’s Gyan equaliser, Blackburn’s two goals to name a few highlight Spurs’ major defensive problem. Mainly with our centre-backs, we lack consistency, which the other top 4 teams simply don’t. Okay so Arsenal are having their problems at the moment, partially because the whole back four is French. But this isn’t about them. The back four needs to be solid and Spurs haven’t been in my opinion.

Being without Corluka, Dawson and King is a strong cause of this but Kaboul, Bassong and Gallas are in my opinion decent enough to fill the voids in defence without the terrible mistakes they seem to be prone to make. Gallas was superb against Arsenal, no doubt, however alongside a less experienced Bassong or Kaboul, it doesn’t always work. Hutton likes to confuse us Tottenham fans, on minute he’s storming up the pitch scoring crackers and the next he has no confidence and gives the ball away.

Despite these rants about our weaknesses, we’re sitting in 6th after 14 games, not so bad. When I think of the players we’ve got to come back, like Dawson, and the players who are yet to hit form this season, Lennon, maybe we could be challengers, maybe Redknapp is right to talk up our title bid. I won’t get too excited just yet as like all Yids know, it’s a rollercoaster of emotions to be a Spurs fan. I guess we’ll have to wait and see, but after beating Arsenal for the first time since 1993 (away from home in the league) could we, in the next few seasons take the title for the first time since the double winning side of 1961?

Well it must be said that Redknapp is right again to say this is our ‘best team of recent history’ and if any squad can do it surely it’s this one.  We’ve been linked to Benzema, who grabbed a goal in Madrid’s 4-0 demolition of Ajax last night, after Redknapp said he may ‘tweak’ the squad come January. But we’ll look forward to tonight’s game against Werder Bremen at the Lane. A must-win for sure if Champions League progression is on the cards for us, first place in the group should be priority.

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  • AJM

    I don’t think that he is right to talk up Spurs at all. Look at the table itself, the champions are not doing too well and slipping.. Arsenal is obviously slipping and sliding in areas, Man Utd are doing their usual by looking poor before christmas and Man City just don’t seem title contenders. So you say to me that yes Spurs can go and win the title but this is before chirstmas. You have a transfer window to come and there is still a lot of football to be played. In my view there is no chance of Spurs gaining the title. Coming 4th is guranteed I believe for Spurs.

  • Al

    Spurs title contenders??? You must be kidding! If and when they beat Chelsea and/or Man U then MAYBE but not after beating an Arsenal side that is clearly not firing on all cylinders

  • Roberto

    It wasn’t that long ago Spurs were getting stuffed 4-2 by Bolton and had a dismal draw at home to Sunderland + were subsequently booed off the pitch by their fickle set of supporters (who were criticised by Redknapp too) Now after beating your biggest rivals away for only the 3rd time in 25 years, Redknapp reckons Spurs are title contenders? I dont think so.

  • Sii-09

    Hey, I’m just stating my opinion. I agree with both of your comments however I would add as a Spurs fan, that my team has the potential to challenge. Personally I don’t think for a second we would win the league, especially not this year. However we have two of the in-form players in the league; Bale and Van Der Vaart who have been superb!

    It’s a tough league that is fairly open as we approach the half way point of the season, it’s great stuff really.
    Thanks for your views guys =)

  • Marc Sibbons

    I’m a Spurs supporter and i would obviously love to see us win the league but i think Harry is getting a bit ahead of himself after our win against Arsenal. I agree with Robeto, we need to win the games against the mid table clubs on a consistent basis if we are to be challengers. Nevertheless, Come on you Spurs!

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