ReJuvénation- Two big strikers set for Turin

by Alfie Green

Saturday, January 26th, 2013

The recently stagnating Juventus have today secured a deal for Spanish forward Llorente, and (continental sources tell us) the zippy forward Lopez for a total overhaul of their attacking abilities.

Llorente -who has been in the sights of the likes of Arsenal and Liverpool, and is tipped to be leader of France’s next assault on international football- was today officially confirmed to join Juvé at the end of this season. Atletico Madrid, the Spaniard’s not so current club, are renowned for their uncanny ability to mould world class strikers before selling them off to big clubs still warm from the oven in their early twenties. Fernando Torres and David Villa are but two names to have emerged from the Spanish quasi-youth academy football club.

However, we may not need to wait another day let alone six months for perhaps an even more exciting player to be accrued by the Italian club. Lisandro Lopez has been one of the dominating Ligue 1 strikers for four years at Olympique Lyonnais and is in the prime of his career at 29. Juventus are currently have a fantastic year, and all but confirmed the addition of this arguably world class front man will be make it difficult to deny them their current 6 point lead at the top of Serie A and complete their ReJuvénation.

With Llorente joining the prospective Lopez next season- Juvé will certainly be on the road to a razor sharp attack that we certainly not lul their opponents or the public to sleep despite their alliterated names. Juventus look set on at least a Champions league place as well, which will certainly spice things up in the currently Spain and England saturated Europe.

If Pep Guardiola steps up to his sky-high mark at Bayern Munich we could see a rivalry returning to surpassing the golden days of the early Noughties and Nineties in the youth of the Champion’s league. All Llorente and Lopez need to do is stay on their scintillating form, and the following decade will be a European battleground certainly never known before in sport.

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  • kps

    u r one big idiot.u have no idea about football. Llorente french?u fucking kidding?atletico madrid??? :DDDDDD oh u asshole

  • TopDrawer

    Llorente is a Spaniard you dumb mong

  • Alfie Green

    Many apologies on the mistaken nationality of Llorente, would be nice to hear people’s comment on other areas of the post other than pointless abuse and unfounded in the case of Atletico Madrid which you would have known is their official name in the Spanish language if you knew anything near as much about this subject as you attempt to profess through expletive regurgitation. Thanks for reading 🙂

  • Youserious?

    a) Llorente comes from Athletic Club de Bilbao, not Atlético de Madrid
    b) Villa is from Sporting de Gijón youth system, he’s never played for Atlético whatsoever
    c) Before you try to play the smartass with your ‘ in the case of Atletico Madrid which you would have known is their official name in the Spanish language’ make sure you get your facts right

    Thank you.

  • TopDrawer

    Get your facts right then complain about expletives. Cant believe you tried to back up your argument with even more mistakes.

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