Relegation here we come?

by Martin

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

Is this the year we lose a so called big club?

The Premier League table makes interesting viewing right now. The situation at the top, with Hull sitting pretty in 3rd place has been discussed recently here so I will not dwell on it, other than to say that it is fabulous to see them there and long may it continue. It’s the state of the bottom three that I want to concern myself with.

Tottenham Hotspur currently lie adrift at the bottom, and Newcastle are not far ahead of them. And I think its wonderful. Its nothing against either club, in fact I have 2 best mates and one supports Spurs and the other the Geordies. I would be happy to see any established Premier League side there.

The fact is that the gulf in earnings between the Premier league and the Championship means that whenever a team is promoted they are immediately installed as favourites to go down, and in most cases they oblige. I constantly bang on about how dull football is with the big 4 at the top, but it’s the same at the bottom. Correct me if I am wrong but the last genuinely big club to fall out of the top flight was Leeds in 2004, since then its been the yoyo clubs and the newly promoted clubs who have sat in those positions, including my own Leicester City.

What a refreshing change it would be to see a Tottenham or a Newcastle replaced by someone else. And wouldn’t it just give some hope to all those teams fighting in the Championship to win the holy grail of promotion, give them the belief that if they win at Wembley at the end of May they might just have a chance of achieving something other than sacking the man who got them there come December. Wouldn’t it be great to have a Premier League where anyone can go down, where the Spurs and Blackburns and Evertons aren’t happy to sit in mid table obscurity, where they have a genuine battle to stay up.

The Championship is a great league, the most competitive in this country by a mile and unaffected by the Sky favouritism that blights the Premier League. I will be rooting for Hull, Stoke and West Brom all season in the hope that the three of them can stay put and gain the extended status and reward that qualifying from that league should bring. I don’t care if its Spurs, Newcastle or Chelsea who go in their place, it doesn’t matter at all, but lets have some interest in the top flight again. With the so called big 4 spoiling the party at the top, lets have all 16 of the other clubs battling it out for both Europe and survival….keeps it interesting.

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  • Stevie

    i had a chat with the West Ham man round my local greasy spoon yesterday, he raised a good point, at least Spurs are getting press. Mid table teams like Boro, West Ham & Blackburn hardly get a mention. So every game is like a cup final for the likes of Newcastle and the Spuds. Is does make the league more interesting too!

  • Phil

    My prediction for the drop

    West Ham
    Stoke City

    You wait and see, th Hammers will have to sell half their team in Jan and will go on a massive bad run. Stoke and Spurs are bot rubbish and will join them

  • stevie

    your predictions are very funny mate, but they are won’t happen

    it will be


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