Remarkable week has football in a spin

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Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Understandably, there were those who were shocked at Martin Atkinson’s decision to brandish the red card a mere 23 minutes into Saturday’s Merseyside derby. I was not one of them. Why? Not because I deemed Rodwell’s challenge on Suarez worthy of a sending off, but simply due to what had gone before in a quite extraordinary week. Indeed, comparatively speaking, the incident was nothing more than predictable. After all, Atkinson has shown more red cards than any other official since the start of last season and clashes between Everton and Liverpool are seldom tame affairs. What I consider far more striking, and bewildering, from the giving tree of English football this past week concerns the tales of the sulky sub and the stolen doughnut.

Let’s begin with the end of Carlos Tévez – at least for Mancini’s City. The Argentine’s refusal to come on as a sub during the midweek surrender to Bayern Munich was the latest episode of the ongoing saga between player and club and surely the final nail in the coffin in terms of any aspirations he may still have hoped to achieve there. Roberto Mancini’s stony-faced interview afterwards was as clear of an indication as any that Tévez’s professional shortcomings off the field will no longer be rescued by his unquestionable talent on it. Rightly so in my book, and everyone else’s from the sounds of things. Ironically Paul Scholes, often dubbed as the model professional of the last 20 years, appeared to be his former team-mate’s sole empathiser in the aftermath, citing the frustration of not being picked from the outset as apt justification for his actions. I would argue the contrary; that those actions were not of a player desperate to play football, but rather of a man fed up with the sport.

Now to someone still presumably revelling in the game, but perhaps a little jaded with having to stump up for a simple hit of sugary goodness. No doubt placing himself above the law, it was revealed on Friday that new Manchester United shot-stopper David de Gea and some friends sauntered into a local branch of Tesco, made a beeline for the store’s Krispy Kreme counter, chomped away to their hearts’ desire and then tried to leave without paying. Considering that the Spaniard is on a reported £70,000 a week at Old Trafford, the word tightwad springs to mind here, or perhaps doesn’t even do the unfathomable crime justice. What would Fergie say? What did Fergie say? Either way, de Gea should be commended to some extent for a story that offered some light relief amid a tense and turbulent week.

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  • paul

    was never ever a red card. what has the game come to?

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