Respect – New campaign featuring Ray Winstone

by Mystical Mike

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

Respect is The FA’s programme to address unacceptable behavior in football – on and off the pitch.

On average, 7,000 referees quit football every year at because of the abuse they receive from players and from the sidelines. Lots of children also pack it in because of the attitude and actions of over-enthusiastic and pushy parents.

In response, The FA’s Respect programme provides a series of tools for leagues, clubs, coaches, Referees, players and parents from grassroots to elite football to ensure a safe, positive environment in which to enjoy the game.

These tools include agreed codes of conduct, in-service training for Referees, Respect club packs, spectator sideline barriers funded by the Football Foundation and ensuring captains work with referees to manage player behavior.

The FA has also launched a free online Respect Parent Guide to highlight examples of poor behavior and, more importantly, how it can be improved. To see the Guide for Parents and careers click here.


Actor Ray Winstone has now pledged his support to the Respect Parent Guide by taking part in this new FA film.

Source FA

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  • James Webb

    I attended a Respect meeting last thursday held by two FA officials. The new campaign seems very good in principle. Getting everybody to sign a code of conduct with sanctions for anybody or any club which fails to comply. The FA are encouraging entire leagues to ask all clubs to participate.

    My question was do referee’s themselves have to sign a code and their answer was that every referee will be invited to a meeting but it wont be compulsory.

    In my experience the referees that lose the respect of players are the ones who dont interact and make themselves impossible to communicate with. If any of these refs dont go to the Respect meetings then its a complete waste of time. Players will expect the same level of respect back and if its not given then I can potentially see more problems.

    I think in kids football this will be more appropriate as its parents who cause the most problems. Having the spectators 2 metres back doesnt sound a lot but for some reason it does work.

  • Darren

    Winston brings up a valid point in that half of these parents are living their lives through their kids, they want nothing more then for their kids to make it because they didn’t. The emphasis here is winning at all costs.

    I would love to know if parents across the continent act the same way, I’m sure they don’t.

    It’s also catch22 for the refs, if they are to friendly the other team will accuse them of being bias.

  • tef1on

    That is a fantastic short video. It really points out what needs to be said! Here is an earlier one the FA did which points out how some sunday morning games go.

    If anyone has ever managed a team and had to organize a ref they will know how hard it is. If you are lucky enough to have ref’d a game then you know everything said in both these adds is true. Something needs to be done not only at grass roots level but also higher up.

  • Stevie

    that’s spot on, the parents are the real problem here…

    Good choice in Ray Winstone too, well done to the FA for thinking outside the box for a change

  • Dan Church

    i reffed a kids under 7 & under 11’s tournement once. the amount of abuse i got from the parents was unbelievable. Football needs to be an enjoyable affair for all involved.

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