Rio captains England

by Martin

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

Rio is just Fab!

So Fabio named Rio Ferdinand as the captain for the England France game. Whether this means that he is now Capello’s full time captain no-one knows, but I for one hope he is. Once again the Italian has made a correct decision.

For me, Rio is the only choice for this vital role. If you look at the England team, there are only 3 players, or maybe 4 if you count Joe Cole, who should be guaranteed a starting place if fit. These are Steven Gerrard, Rio Ferdinand and Wayne Rooney. I think we can discount Rooney as England captain. He needs more experience, he needs to discipline himself and he is simply not a leader. Many would say that Gerrard is the man, but I disagree. He captains Liverpool well, but at international level he is too often found wanting. When Scott Carson gifted Croatia that goal early in the game, a good captain would have gone straight up to him, picked him up and told him to get on with it. Sadly all 10 outfield players that day turned their backs on him, where was Gerrard then?

Others say that Terry should get the gig again. I couldn’t disagree more. Not only is he a nasty piece of work who should not be seen as our figurehead, he should also not be guaranteed a place. He is a solid centre back at best, who performs well in the Premier League but looks slow and in-disciplined at international level. Frankly a fit Woodgate is a far better prospect, as could be a fit Ledley King.

Having fought his way back into the squad, a rejuvenated David James could have been an option, he is respected and has seniority. But lets get him established in the side again first. No, the only real choice was Rio.

Ferdinand is a genuinely world class centre back. He has pace, skill and judgement. He can defend well, bring the ball out of defence and chip in with goals from foot as well as head. He has been a fixture in the side for many years and people have confidence in him. When he appeared in football he was likened to Bobby Moore and over many years, dodgy memory on certain tests notwithstanding, he has developed into a player not dissimilar to the West Ham legend. He also reminds many people of that German great the Kaiser, and recommendations don’t come much higher than that.

So Capello has got it right again. Lets just hope he doesn’t ask the boy to organise the England team’s Christmas party…

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  • Darren

    it’s very rare that I agree with everything someone has said, but in this case, you are spot on.

    Rio has been different class this season, he has matured into our only real world class defender. He’s passionate but rarely abuses refs in the way Terry does. Last season he was guilty of being lazy, but since then someone has put a rocket up his back side and it seems to have worked.

    Terry on the hand, along with the rest of the Chelsea pre-madonnas, are quite simply a horrible bunch of people. I was nearly sick when Joe Cole scored to put them 3-1 up at Spurs, the whole team were swearing, and jumping about like a bunch of Croydon wannabe’s. As for Cashley Cole, I can’t stand the bloke, after all what he said last week, he was seen spitting in the tunnel before Sundays game, a poor excuse for a human being if there ever was one.

    But on a more positive not, I’m glad it’s Rio. Lets hope Capello can get the best out of the other egos.

  • Dexy Longshot

    Good work from Fabio on this captaincy malarky, Rio is in the team every game, is getting better every season and highly thought of in the world game: the new Bobby Moore?? well Fabio’s the nearest we have got to Ramsey so it might be an omen that the West Ham Academy product has been made captain for the France game (It may have something to do with him looking a tad frog-like too!).
    I bet Beckham is gutted but hard french cheese, he shouldn’t even get a starting spot the way Bentley has been playing the last few months. I’m still a bit shocked on Fabio’s omission of Defoe though, six goals in six and he don’t get a sniff, what a gwan there??

  • rob pullinger

    what a joke….say no more…..!!!!!

  • Dexy Longshot

    What’s the joke, what is wrong with Rio?
    Who would you have???

  • rob pullinger

    I know Capello hasn’t had the best of relationships with Beckham but to get 100caps is a massive achievement and this should be honoured by Becks having the armband even if its one last time????????
    I can understand why he is rotating the armband in friendly matches. but i would have never chosen rio in a million years, lets not forget he missed a drugs test, because he “forgot”. Is that the role model we want to set for the younger players?

  • Darren

    the joke was that Gerrard should never have been captain in the first place, he’s a good club player and nothing more.

    Rio is a very good choice, get over it Rob, you will never be able to marry Gerrard, he’s out of league

  • Dan Church

    Good choice on Rio, he can perform the job equally as well as Terry, Lampard or Gerrard.
    If Sir Alex can give him the armband with complete confidence then Fabio can do a lot worse….

    On the subject of Beckham, i think his time is up, its a friendly, no meaning behind it (especially for us), give him 100th, then leave him out to graze with the millions he will have coming from his “Becks 100” range…its only fair, hes been a great servent in his time, but no matter what he says, his legs have gone, he makes less and less impact on a game these days and to be honest, the NLS is probably about his level. Id love to see the great man prove me wrong.

  • Darren

    Dexy 4 Defoe
    Matt 4 Messi
    Rob 4 Stevie G.

    True love

  • Darren

    I think Rio has moved on since the drug test shambles, you can’t deny he has consistently been the best defender in the Premier league for some years now.

    As for Becks, yes he has been great, but like Dan says, his time is up

  • rob pullinger

    Gerrard wasnt going to be captain in this game, plum!!!! its a friendly, and as Fabio has pointed out, he’s tinkering till World Cup….

    (And whats more im not getting involved in your tit for tat over Stev G again!!)

    Rio a good choice, no chance…he’s history speaks for itself, call him a role model, more like JT number 2????


    You might aswell give it to Theo, afterall he’s a gooner????

  • Dexy Longshot

    Rio did miss a drugs test,
    years ago,
    he served his time.
    He has improved since then.
    He is a good choice for Captain.

    As for Becks, here’s another example:
    If it was Gary Nevile on 99 games, would you pick him,
    even though he has only played a handful of reserve games in the last few weeks.
    That is the sort of level Becks has been playing at recently.
    I doubt Beckham would be in the squad if he was on say 90 caps.
    Bentley has been outstanding and must start.

  • rob pullinger

    New manager, new team, new ideas…get ride of the c***????
    Might aswell play the under 21’s, better entertainment???

  • Dan Church

    Thats a bit cynical Bert……this is our national team were talking about here. Our pride and joy…

    Regardless of Rio’s shortfalls 4 or 5 years ago, hes still the best choice i think. He’s moved on, made himself untouchable in the United team, look at the stories that were floating around when they thought he would have to miss the Liverpool game (not that we would have needed him of course….1 shot on target from ‘pool ??)
    Hes solid, quick and ive never seen anyone head a clearence so far…and on Dexys point, i think anyone who has served their country so well as to get to 99 caps deserves his 100th even if its posted to him by DHL !!

  • Dexy Longshot

    Might as well shut up Rob,
    your talking pony!

  • Dexy Longshot

    If Becks has to have his 100th cap by any means or DHL as Church pointed out,
    can I ask Fab if he would consider bringing Lineker back so he can get break Charltons goalscoring record.

    (He’s probably a good option at the moment)

  • rob pullinger

    Everyone to there own people, i for one dont really care as its a pointless friendly and everyone is going on about who’s going to be the captain, reasons for and against.

    Yes i did say that about our national team, but even you all have to accept, we have been well below par, and i wouldnt exactly say its been our pride and joy!!!!

    Bring in the new and get rid of the old, and for those of you i include stev g in that group….

    up for discussion another time…off home…??

  • Darren

    get rid of who?

    Liverpool were very poor on Sunday, I’m looking forward to an Arsenal treble over them. Stop Torres and you stop Liverpool, its that simple

  • Teflon

    Just to add to the Argument! Jimmie Bullard for Captain!

    Gerrard Isn’t passionate enough for the Job, Terry just didn’t inspire. England Need a captain that sets an example on the way they play. Beckham did this but we all know Beckham’s time is gone (whether he knows it or not).

    Looking at his squad he is the only one i would be happy with… Everyone else either doesnt have the experience or just doesn’t deserve it.

  • rob pullinger


    DREAM ON!!!!!!.. its champions league, something you have never won and never will,,(5 times)

    arsenal cant score, you go one up and lose…be a piece of cake….

    wager if you are that confident matey ???

  • Darren

    ok Rob, bring it on, £20 that Arsenal get to the semi finals?

    Teflon, are you u love with Jimmy Bullard, he’s a decent player, but some players are meant to play for England, and some are not. He’s a lovely lad and plays the game with a smile on his face, a real breath of fresh air, but somehow I don’t think he’s international class, saying that, if Jenas is then why not

  • Dan Church

    Darren, can you give Torres a break in the league game, your out of it now and Torres is in my dream team, need a couple of goals so i can overhaul Baker in the table.

    oh and Bert, speaking of 5…..isnt that our 5th victory over you in a row now…..???????

  • Dan Church

    Id go for a pint with JB……mind you, id go for a pint with most people….even Darren at a push.

  • Bakes

    A very good piece and I am in agreement with most on here. Why not give Rio a chance? He had been immense this year and Fabio has obviously been impressed with him as well.

    Can’t wait for that quater final between the Arse and Liverpool. If there is any justice, the Gunners will prevail. I do have to agree with Darren. It seems that if you stop Torres and maybe Gerrard they are clueless. Rob, I will expect the wrath and you can tell me how many times Liverpool have beaten everyone.

  • Darren

    Dan, I’d go for a drink with you mate but Dexy said you’re to tight to get them in. I’ve heard you wouldn’t even spend £4.99 on an ipod adaptor for your car so you can go to Paris avec tunage!

  • Darren

    Rob or is it Bert, you have just contradicted yourself mate, Arsenal can’t score, they go 1 up then lose?

  • rob pullinger

    Ladies, enough is a enough….

    Everyone entitled to there opinion, and rightly so..

    Yes you can all expect the wrath…..but im not going to give you lot the satisfasction!!!

    Yes agree with most but not all, baker you should no better,(west ham fa cup final ring any bells)…. as for darren, i thought you were convinced arsenal would do the treble over the reds, and be easy…for £20 its not worth it, think again and make me a descent offer….

    lets just make a quick point whilst im still in a good mood, its the champions league quater finals, its the big boys cup not the minnows…(darren) something us so called glory boys have won 5 times, yes 5 times…not even man u can match that… even arsenal or chelsea havent won it yet and probably never will???

    yes all of the top 3 managers would like a piece of euro glory, but for some odd reason they all faulter, and again the reds can go all the way, yes i know all you doubters are there, but lets face facts weve been there, seen it, got the cup…….

    bring it on???????

  • rob pullinger

    yes church you are correct, i can say with confidence that we dont have a good record against you, but we got what we deserved…..a

    as for the scousers being a two man team, have a look at man u, what would happen if you lost ronaldo, look at the stats, interesting???

    one man, show boat, and before you lot try and hammer me, its something that was on the web…so dont bother!!!!

    great player tho, and yes probably the best ***** in the world???

  • frankyg

    JOKE is correct u got 2-3 proven leaders for england why pick rio he aint even that good. next almunia gonna get called up to keep goal then i really gonna be pissed. gerrard, terry or becks to captain england

  • Darren

    Terry is a joke, Ferdi is a much better player

  • Daniel

    I couldn’t understand some parts of this article Rio captains England, but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

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