Rodgers to Liverpool – An Intelligent or Impulsive Move?

by Callum Lawton

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

The talk surrounding Anfield is that Brendan Rodgers, the Swansea manager, is to take the reigns in the next 48 hours.

Although many tipped Roberto Martinez to take charge, Liverpool turned their attention to Rodgers after talks between the club and Martinez broke down.

However, will Liverpool strike gold with this appointment or will he turn out to be another mistake to be added to the pile?

To take over a big club is no easy challenge. With the honour comes great responsibility and pressures. It’s been proven that in the Premier League that big names taking charge of big footballing clubs doesn’t necessarily mean big success.

Take Chelsea and Andre Villas Boas for example, with a huge sum of 15 million Euros paid to Porto for his services, only for him to be sacked 9 months later.

The fee that Liverpool will pay Swansea for Rodgers is relatively small (just between £4m – £5m).

With a strong maiden season under his belt, it can be understood why he would be chosen to try and lead the Anfield club, who finished eighth last season, to bigger and better things.

But after only one season in the Premier League, it can be argued that Rodgers is still an inexperienced manager in this level of football.

 We’ve still yet to see if Swansea will continue their fine form next season or if they will suffer to the ‘Second Season Syndrome.’

And despite a successful first Premier League season with Swansea, the success Rodgers will be chasing with Liverpool must be far harder compared to the expectations demanded of him while at Swansea City.

Liverpool will be expected to do well in Europe next season, have a much better Premier League season than their last, and win more trophies. This is no easy feat for any manager.

Which begs the question; is Rodgers the best suitor to the Anfield club or have Liverpool chosen him on an impulse because he did well last season?

Only time will tell.

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  • royce

    Rodgers is not going to help pools cause trying to attract overseas talent nor do i believe his knowledge of what is needed is good enough i hope he proves me wrong.

  • deepraz seewoolall

    Bring back Kenny Dalglish. Or appoint an experience manager like Rafa Benitez who knows Liverpool Fc very well. Others will take lot of time to win titles. Do not be stupid, look at managers like sir Alex, Harry Redknap, Arsen Wenger,Martin Orneil all experience managers.

  • Alex Richmond

    I think the success that Rodgers in his first Premier League campaign with Swansea is the main reason why Liverpool chose him as a better replacement for Dalglish. Although I would not underestimate the Rodgers, maybe he might be able to deliver better results for Liverpool this coming season.

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