Ronaldo & Messi, Alone In Power….

by Alex McCarthy

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

While sitting back, and watching yet another Real Madrid master-class, which under Jose Mourinho is becoming alarmingly frequent, the commentator really grabbed my attention. In Cristiano Ronaldo’s last 54 games, he has scored 52 goals. Talk about performing at the highest level, thats nothing short of incredible. To score as many goals as he has, from a position which is by no means an out-an-out goalscorer preference of trade, for arguably two of the biggest clubs on the planet, is astounding. You can’t argue it, it’s pure fact of quality.

In steps Lionel Messi. Also a free-scoring winger earning his corn at one of the world’s historically beautiful clubs in Barcelona, has a ridiculous record. His overall record for Barca is 231 games played, 149 goals scored, 61 assists. Messi isn’t, like Ronaldo, the teams primary goal scorer. Yet his hit-rate is over one every other game. Football is a sport with many dynamics and philosophies, your tough tackling midfielder and aerial dominant centre backs resonate just as integral as your goal getting heroes and speedy tricksters. These two however, who are in many ways in the same mould skill and ethos wise, set themselves apart from the rest, because they relentlessly deliver.

Centre backs will concede, play makers will misplace passes, but these two always score and create, barely a quiet game goes by. I know your all lining up to pick out a quiet game now, but were they quiet because they were poor, or because the other team were so hell-bent on stopping them they swarmed and kicked them? To affect a team your playing so much is a compliment itself, and testament to their ability.

Back in March this year, how many people would have said Wayne Rooney was world class? I would have. He was banging goals in and looking sharp and dangerous. Even with the goals, he looked a much more wholesome player. Fast forward to today, and it’s a bleaker picture. The World Cup ultimately damaged the reputation of the scouse hero. You hear so many times when talking about world-class players ‘but he doesn’t deliver in the world cup, the biggest stage of all’.

True, it’s certainly the grandest and most prestigious stage of all. Yet, you cant say all the best players in the world are there can you? Ryan Giggs has never been to one for example, but Quincey Owusu-Abeyi has. I wouldn’t even say Messi & Ronaldo under performed at this years World Cup, they were still one of the, if not the best player for their respective countries. Rooney however, was just another passenger in a very, very pedestrian nation.

His record for United is 132 goals in 287 games, which is only just short of one every other game. For a striker though, and an out-an-out goal scorer as he’s developed into, are England’s best prospects and indeed heroes a home comfort illusion? Ronaldo in fact dwarfed Rooney in the scoring whilst at United, if anything adding weight to his argument by being able to perform so potently in two world-class leagues. £80m well spent… and only in a climate as ridiculous as football could that be true.

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  • Marc Sibbons

    Good article mate, no one can doubt Messi and Ronaldo are unbelievable players and their goal and assist records are v.impressive. Looking forward to the ‘El Classico’ derby this year! should be interesting to see which player comes out on top!

  • Pam

    What you say about Rooney is true. Could he be another idol that burns out and never matches his previous form. A fast lifestyle that knocks players off course. The list of players in the past who have fallen never to return could have another name added.

  • Mystical Mike

    both Robbie Folwer & Michael owen burnt out early, I fear for Rooney, the best thing would be a move away from United.

    Messi & Ronaldo are on a different planet, it’s way simply way to hard to say who is better

  • Matt Quinn

    If you have a look at Messi’s record over the last 2 seasons, its even more impressive… 70 goals in 65 games. (and, apart from a couple, he doesnt take penalties)

    His 149 in 231 games is impressive but even more so when you think half those games were played as a teenager.

  • City til I die

    Agree that it’s probably time for Rooney to move on…. he’s going to find it hard to recover metally and return to form physically after all that’s happened – we don’t him @ City though…. or it could have all been part of Fergie’s ‘mind games’ to secure the transfer kitty for 2011…..

  • Rex the Villan

    Good article Alex…statistics are spot on. However, Rooney always frightens the life out of me when I see him at Villa Park. On his day he his definately world class for me.

  • Loz

    Roony, in the past, has perfomed amazingly for both club and country. But the past few months he just hasnt been the same player. I think that the roony we know and love will return and smash both Ronaldo and Messi’s reccords off the charts.

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