Rooney’s “Wonder Goal” Epitomises Everything Wrong With English Football

by Luke McGee

Monday, February 14th, 2011

So, Wayne Rooney scores a wonder goal and the whole world goes absolutely bat-sh*t crazy. Every back page is talking about it, every sport columnist wanted to write about it and every news station top loaded their sports section with video replays from every angle.

It was a great goal, that’s for sure. Spectacular visually, technically perfect and it came as a complete surprise.

A great goal yes, but was it reflective of Rooney’s form for the rest of the match? I would say almost certainly not. His touch wasn’t great, his positional play still seems a bit off and most importantly, his ability to strike a deadly ball into the far corner past a stretching keeper, hasn’t yet returned to anything like the level it was at last season. Isn’t this more important for both United and England that a stupid, lucky goal?

United fans have determined this goal over their ‘local rivals’ (I don’t know any United fans from Manchester) signifies Wayne’s return to top form and a confirmation that they will kick on from here to win the league. The bullying money out of a club with “no ambition” seems to have been forgotten, as have the months of terrible form and tangible contempt for the club and manager.

You may be wondering if I’ve any intention of stopping these aimless paragraphs of moaning anytime soon and making a point. Well here goes.

If this were any other player at any other club would the reaction have been anything like as significant?

It saddens me that our national football media is so relentlessly thick that they honestly believe this goal to be anything more than a goal. A great goal sure, but why are so few pundits talking about the larger points surrounding this?

What does this loss mean for City? How good did City look playing a more attacking style, I mean, I think it would be far more worthwhile to give a detailed analysis of how City, a defensively minded team outplayed Manchester United for long periods of the game and presented many genuine attacking threats.

Should United be more concerned at their reliance on certain key players to score wonderful goals? Wouldn’t they be happier to dominate possession and score goals off the back of free flowing one touch football?

Why is so much attention paid to isolated incidents in the game, and so much speculated as to what these completely insignificant incidents mean? Who wants to read an entire article about one goal?

The answer is simple; Thick people. Thick people who support United because they once owned a Sharp television set or something equally as absurd.  Thick people who don’t want to understand the intricacies of the game, and would rather lap up the ‘dynamite’ opinions of pundits who talk endlessly in finite terms; a team is terrible or league contenders. Pundits who spout out the same, recycled, moronic opinions of precisely zero consequence every week.

We need to mature as a football loving public. Our basic lack of understanding is dangerous and will ultimately hinder the progression of the English game.

Rant over. Thanks for reading.

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  • Danny Salford Red

    You my friend are a bitter bitter Individual. Who cares what he played like for the rest of the game? Its being spoken about a lot as its not exactly the sort of strike you see every day is it? Once in a lifetime maybe, hence a lot of coverage. Oh yeah and very very lazy with the old I dont know any Man Utd fans from Manchester routine. Yet another myth perpetuated by bitters. You sound as bad as that pillock Summerby who made a complete and utter idiot of himself after the game. Zero grace in defeat as usual.

  • John

    wasn’t it city who scored with a ‘lucky’ goal? rooneys was not luck. apart from silvas miss City hardly created a thing

  • ManU22

    (I don’t know any United fans from Manchester)

    Do you even know anyone from Manchester? Plenty of us there!

  • Luke McGee

    And here you all are. Yes I do know a lot of people from Manchester, and if you think that’s a routine then you need to start seeing some better comedy Danny. I’m sure there’s some of that belting north west wit kicking about at Old Trafford for you to lap up! That’s if you even go…

  • M Majam

    Seriously….that United fans from Manchester drill is getting old! If that were the case where do 75000 fans at old trafford weekly come from…everywhere but Manchester???? Seriously.
    And City struggle to fill wastelands most of the time…

  • Danny Salford Red

    Lazy Lazy journalism pal thats all it is. Unfortunatley as you talk so much provactive bullsh*t no doubt you will get the required hits just like you caught this little fishy. Ever heard the term impartial? Then again i dont suppose that would really cut it to write a wind up article purely for hits would it? And yes I do go, season ticket holder since 1990 so theres another of your insightful observations up in smoke. Dont give up the day job sunshine.

  • Luke McGee

    Ha, he bites! I love that you Mancs get so easily wound up. Have you forgiven the Glazers now you are top of the table? Or will it come back when you regress again?

    I am a blogger (here) rather than a journalist, hence the lack of impartiality darling!

  • Jim Mills

    You don’t know any United fans from Manchester? I don’t think you have ever met anybody from Manchester then. There are, and always have been at least as many United as City fans in Manchester, and that is being generous to City. I have never read such tosh in all my days

  • NickyT

    Same, recycled, moronic opinions. Zero consequences.

    You have summed up your own blog (almost) perfectly. You just missed bitter.

  • Luke McGee

    It’s funny how only a few of you have taken me up on points raised in the post… Come on!

  • Danny Salford Red

    “You Mancs get so easily wound up”? If you write complete and utter garbage about any team and its players and its fans I would dare say you would see the exact same reaction so that dont really stand up either sweetheart. Anyway i digress I have wasted more than enough time reading this puerile nonsense from either a Bluenose or maybe even a Liverpoo fan on the wind up. And finally i wholeheartedly agree, a journalist you aint.

  • Luke McGee

    Danny, it’s been a pleasure.

  • Johnpanda

    What an idiotic article. Very amateurish.
    Don’t know any united fans from Manchester?!!
    The Manchester Evening News did a huge survey in the city centre & united fans outnumbered city fans by a ratio of 2 to 1.
    Get your facts straight & don’t be so lazy.

  • Luke McGee

    It sounds like an enthralling survey John…

  • Matthew Grima

    Look where the local support has taken City 🙂

  • Mystical Mike

    I really hope Arsenal win the league this season, not because I’m an Gooner, but because I’m sick of everyone licking Uniteds ars.

    To compare that side with the greatest Premier League side in history is a total joke.

  • jaymotty

    “Pundits who spout out the same, recycled, moronic opinions of precisely zero consequence” the irony of that statement is unreal.

  • Luke McGee

    Are you sure you know what irony means?

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