Rose’s World Cup Round-up day 2 and 3

by Ashleigh Rose

Sunday, June 13th, 2010

England’s aftermarth and German Brilliance

Rose’s Round-up day 2 and 3

So now the dust has settled on last night’s proceedings, can we all now agree that the 1-1 draw wasn’t THAT bad? Yes Rob Green has probably kissed goodbye to his number one shirt but was it really fair for Fabio Capello to leave it so late to even inform him that he was now England’s World Cup keeper?n Not that it excuses the mistake that Green made, and he no surprisingly has become the scapegoat of what is the typical run-of-the mill opening England game.

Just cast your mind back to 1990, 2002 or even Euro 2004, England are notoriously slow starters in tournaments, so a draw with a team who occupy a top 20 place in the World Rankings really isn’t the end of the world. Far from blowing my own Mystic Meg trumpet, I’d been predicating a 1-1 draw all week (at 13-2 I wish I’d put a bet on it too) so  I wasn’t too surprised to see the game finish as it did. The more worrying things to come out the game was the injury to Ledley King (shock) and the continued frustration of the good and bad of  Emile Heskey. But having seen the direness of Algeria and Slovenia today we really would have to have the mother of all bad nightmares to not get out this group.

Yesterday we also saw the debut of Diego Maradona World Cup manager and to coin a phase from good old Brucie, didn’t he do well! Their 1-0 win over Nigeria looked a lot closer on paper, as Argentina ran riot with 31 shots on goal and the score was only kept down thanks to the outstanding exploits of Nigeria keeper Vincent Enyeama. In the groups other game, Greece’s World Cup pretty much eneded as they went down 2-0 to South Korea and now have the two group favourites to come. How the hell did the really win Euro 2004?

A team that did run riot though and really lit-up this World Cup for the first time was those pesky Germans. Hitting Australia for four without reply, with some real quality up-front from those tournament pros Lukas Podolski and Miroslav Klose and masterminded by the new golden boy of German football Mesut Ozil. The Wolfsburg playmaker put on a sparkling performance and could really be one of the stand-out starts of this tournament if he carries on performing like this. In the groups other match, Ghana become the first African side to win as this African World Cup with one the easiest penalty decisions you’ll ever see to beat Serbia.

So far so good then, Algeria Slovenia apart but I’d also like to give a special mention to Adrian Chiles and  say what a welcome addition to ITV’s coverage he has become. Ok, everything else about the station still leaves a lot to be desired, namely Jim Beglin’s ‘insight’ and the over and over and over indulgence of  James Cordon but Chiles is a refreshing change of pace that gives ITV a much friendlier feel. Well done that man.

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  • dexylongshot

    A slow start for us as usual but if you read most of the papers, it’s as if we have been drilled 5-0 by the yanks. Usual over-reaction. Green was at fault and he’s put his hands up (maybe he should have left them down a bit more!). But the way the radio and press are going on, it’s as if he sent us home. I’d be more concerned about the boys in front. Ledley has just been pretty much ruled out of the tournament leaving us with snails like Terry and Carragher in the center. I’d like to see the speed of Dawson introduced in the middle. Glenda looked mustard and i’d love him to keep up his Maicon impressions whipping in more crosses. He did a better job than Lennon.

    PS: food for thought look at some of best tournament records opening games.

    1966 1st game against Uraguay – draw

    1990 1st game against Paddys – draw

    1996 1 st game against Swiss – draw.

    2010 1 st game against Yanks – draw.

    Maybe….just maybe.

  • rob pullinger

    My team to play next match…..

    Hart­ (GK),

    Cole, Terry, Carra, Johnson.

    Midfield – J.Cole,­ Barry, Lampard, Lennon.

    Attacking – Rooney, Gerrard­ (playing just behind Rooney).

  • Mike

    All I can say is, Enyeama what a smashing keeper! Has been a regular purchase in my football manager careers down the years, and he’s quality in real life as well. Looks like Maradona’s managing to get the very best out of Messi thus far; Argentina are a team to fear

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