Rosey’s World Cup Round-up day 10

by Ashleigh Rose

Sunday, June 20th, 2010

Who wants to win?

Does anyone want to win this World Cup? After the tepid trend of the first round of group games, the second lot’s trend looks like being the story of the underdog. Hot on the heals of Switzerland’s win over Spain, Mexico’s over France, Serbia’s over Germany and Algeria’s point with England came today’s shock result of New Zealand holding World Champions Italy to 1-1 draw in Nelspurit.

What is going on? New Zealand are a side ranked 78th in the world and actually have a semi-professional banker who’s taken an extended holiday in their squad. Italy have the most experience squad in the tournament including World Cup winners, yet today they were both on level terms. Credit must go to the All Whites and Ryan Nelson in particular for their defensive display but the Italian’s like England look to be lacking a real creative force that could even see them struggle progress to the knock-out stage. What odds would you have got pre-tournament that England, Italy and France wouldn’t get out of their groups – it could happen.

France’s problems however stretch further then progression though, after another day of disarray from the 1998 winners camp. A day after Nicolas Anelka was sent home due his half-time clash with Raymond Domenech, the players responded by refusing to train today with Domenech and his coaching staff. How the French FA have let Domenech stay in a job this long I don’t know because he should never  have been allowed to lead this team into this World Cup when players and fans were already so against him. It’s now ruined their chances on the pitch  and made them a laughing stock to the rest of the World Cup. And we thought things we bad for England!

One team that has guaranteed it’s passage to round two is Brazil who looked impressive in their 3-1 win over the Ivory Coast. Especially now that Luis Fabiano has found his scoring boots, I tipped him to be top scorer at the beginning of the tournament and now he’s off the mark I can definitely see the golden boot going to the Seville hit-man. Disappointing though to see the game spoiled by the red card decision, that kind of play-acting has no place in the game and hopefully FIFA will crack down on Keita.

The second round of group games conclude tomorrow with Spain and Portugal in action, before we get into the business end of this World Cup. I’ve got my fingers crossed already!

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  • Franco

    I thought Brazil looked the nuts!!!!!!!!!! Come to think of it, all the South American sides are the nuts!!! Have they lost a game between them? No sir, they haven’t!!!!!

    I believe they play with more self expression and are not afraid to beat the man, a huge contrast between them and the European footballing teams, who are blessed with more money, fast cars and loose lady woman.

    Viva la Brazil!

  • Darren

    I think the main reason is this World Cup isn’t about the football, its all about politics, after watching that clip after the Brazil game it puts it all into perspective. South Africa is finally opening it’s door to the rest of the world, and that is far more important than a game of football.

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