Rosey’s World Cup Round-up day 14

by Ashleigh Rose

Thursday, June 24th, 2010


I’m not going to dwell too much on yesterday’s result as far as I’m concerned it was job done. The fact that we were holding on to the lead with minutes ago against a team like Slovakia doesn’t bode well ahead of games against Germany and then possibly Argentina but the performance was so much better. There’s still worries, namely Rooney’s form, Johnson’s suspect defensive game and the failure to kill a game off, but the camp should now be galvanised especially with a mouth-watering game against Germany to look forward too. England always play better against ‘bigger’ opposition and there are few bigger from an English point of view than the Germans, so let’s just hope it doesn’t end in spot-kick tears once again!

One thing that did really annoy me though, watching the game in my nearest pub to work was the reaction when Joe Cole came on. Now I’ve got nothing against  Cole, infact he’s one of very few Chelsea (or now ex) players that I actually like, but all he’s done for the better part of year is have 45 or so good minutes against Japan. But the reaction when he came on in the Horse Shoe in Farringdon was like we’d just brought Pele off the bench! Usually I stop myself from opening my mouth in these situations – like when you’re on a train and you can here two people talking footy and getting things incorrect, but I couldn’t this time and found myself shouting to a pub of ‘World Cup’ England fans “It’s only Joe f#####g Cole!”. Pretty much show’s the lack of genuine creative players in this current squad.

For all the talk of crisis’s in England camp, I couldn’t help look at Italy today and wonder what all the fuss has been about! England may have been bad in their first two games, but by god the Italians have been worse. As reigning champions they’ve made a farcical attempt at defending their crown, that see’s them exit the competition with no wins, two points and bottom of a group that consisted of Slovakia and New Zealand – ranked 78th in the world. And you know what they deserved all of it too, there has been no sign of the quality or defensive steal of four years ago and the squad which consists mainly of the same personnel  from 2006 look too old, too pedestrian and frankly way off the pace.

The real stumbling block for the Azzurri was the lack of a ‘star’ player. Where was this generations Baggio, Del Piero or Totti? The team lacked that one player who could add a touch off class and produce something out of nothing to carry them through. Sadly for the Italians they may have left that very player twiddling his thumbs at home in Antonio Cassano, who despite his playboy reputation Marcello Lippi may regret now not taking. The Italian squad needs a complete overhaul and a new generation needs to step-up because the golden generation of four years ago now just looks like the golden oldies, and their down and out.

Oh and be warned, Holland went through tonight with three wins out of three without hardly breaking a sweat, and now face a favourable looking knock-out tie with Slovakia. They Dutch are quietly going about their business and worth a punt on a possible first World Cup win

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  • dexylongshot

    I do fancy the dutch to do well. This could be their time, i still think it is so open, there are 5 or six teams that i believe will lift it including us of course. As for France and Italy, i didn’t rate their chances at the start and lo and behold, it’s tata. As for Joe Boy, I think he will get more minutes next Sunday, espec if Rooney continues with his woeful form, he does look seriously of his game at the mo. Personally, I think a fit Joe Cole is one of our best weapons, especially against a German back-line that isn’t as good as it’s made out to be.

  • chef

    i fancied the dutch might have a decent showing right from the beginning……
    my bro in law is awop
    and his bookie who lives next door to him
    offered him apunt at the beginning that they woudnt get out the group
    get this………..@12oo to 1…:O)
    get this……..
    he didnt take it………
    weve got him on suicide watch for a number of reasons……:O)

  • dexylongshot

    1200-1, was that a misprint chef?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!

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