Rosey’s World Cup Round-up day 6

by Ashleigh Rose

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

World Cup wakes-up

Well that was a bit more like it wasn’t it? Six days into World Cup 2010 and we’ve finally got a day that gave us everything we enjoy about the big tournament. A attacking win from an unknown country, a stand-out performance from a true world-class star and of course a major upset that no-one saw coming.

If the day’s appetiser of a win for Chile, in a style we were yet to see (you know attacking!) the afternoon’s main course was something no one but the Swiss  thought about ordering. Gelson Fernandes  name will rank alongside scorers of famous World Cup giant-killing goals like Francois Omam-Biyik and Papa Bouba Diop,  after he scored the goal that gave Switzerland an amazing 1-0 win over European champions Spain. Those crafty Swiss stars even had the nerve to almost nab a second too, hitting the post late on, in a game that was actually totally dominated by Spain. But even with Torres, Villa, Pedro, Navas and the rest on the pitch the Spanish failed to breakthrough the stern Swiss defence, that unbelievably even included Philipe Senderos (well for the first 35 minutes anyway) and Reto Zeigler – remember him?

Despite the loss it’s no time to press the panic button for Spain, however the loss does mean there’s a distinct possibility of a second-round clash with Brazil if Spain now fail to top the group. Which for us neutrals we would hope be a feast of football and for us England fans would mean one lesser team to worry about. One things for sure the next games in Group H will definitely be ones to watch.

For the days dessert we were treated to the first real one-man show of the tournament. Where as Mesut Ozil’s display for Germany was impressive Diego Forlan’s performance against South Africa really was world class and  highlight how much the front man has evolved since his infamous spell at Old Trafford. It wasn’t just his two goals, but he’s all round play and how he was at the hub of everything for Uruguay. That ball he played to Suarez for the third goal was majestic and Diego really does look the part on the world stage. But should we be surprised? They guy has scored consistently scored over twenty goals every season he’s been in Spain bar one and that’s without playing for one of he so called ‘big two’ in La Liga. The reputation unfairly gained at Manchester United has long been replaced by his achievements in Spain and is now showcasing his talent to a World Cup audience, so good for him (and good for me who picked Uruguay in the office sweepstake and bought Forlan in my auctioned fantasy league).

So finally this World Cup is beginning to warm-up and I’ve got high hopes now for the next round of group games.

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  • stevie

    I’m waiting for the Spanish to start blaming the ball like Capello!!

    Forlan is on fire, 2 fingers up at Man Poo in the process

  • Darren

    The German game aside, that was the first game I actually enjoyed watching last night. Uruguay were excellent, as they said in the studio, it was men v boys. They looked like well organised and could cause problems if we meet in the last 8.

    Is anyone else getting bored of those bloody trumpets?

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