Rosey’s World Cup Round-up day 7

by Ashleigh Rose

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

Au revior?

There’s a well known saying that states what goes around, comes around.  It’s something that Raymond Domenech and his French team should think about this evening. Eight months after that infamous game with Republic of Ireland that saw Thierry Henry literally hand the French their World Cup place, they themselves are now staring at a group stage exit from the competition after tonight’s 2-0 defeat to Mexico.

Let’s be honest too, they deserve to be going out because they’ve been awful thus far. Tonight’s performance was marginally better then the bore draw of last week but Mexico were by far the superior team. The France were lacklustre, offering no spark, no creativity and ultimately they have hardly created a decent opportunity  in 180 minutes of football. Where was the world class talent of Ribery, Anelka and Malouda?  How is Sidney Govou in South Africa and Karim Benzema watching at home? And more importantly how the hell is Domenech still in charge in the first place!

Of course there’s still a chance they could sneak through, a high scoring victory against South Africa and a positive result for either Mexico or Uruguay would see France undeservedly go through. But after the way they’ve played so far in this tournament, I could even see them struggle to overcome the hosts- who will want to go out on a high.

By the way did anyone notice the tannoy announcer during the France game? He sounded like something out of Doctor Who rather then a stadium announcer!

While France are struggling, it’s the complete opposite scenario for Diego Maradona’s Argentina. The two-time winners have all but booked their place for the second stage thanks to a 4-1 win over South Korea. Hero of the day, other than Messi who pulled the strings was Gonzalo Higuian who netted the tournament’s first hat-trick. I like Higuain a lot, a proper striker’s striker, who seems to always be in the right place at the right time. None of his goals were spectacular today, but he was there to finish them off and it’s that predatory sense that you see less and less in the game now. For all the brilliance of Fernando Torres and Lionel Messi, it’s nice to see the true goal-scorer role still has a role in the modern game. Higuain reminds me of Davor Suker and Alan Shearer rolled into one, which can’t be bad and he must now be favourite to nab the golden boot. Good job Madrid tied him to a new contract right before the tournament started.

Tomorrow of course England are back in action with the world expecting a comfortable win over Algeria in Group C. Although I’m not bold enough to predict anything less than victory for the Three Lions, they should take heed from what’s happened to Spain and France already this tournament. It will be interesting to see who get’s the nod in goal and upfront, while Gareth Barry’s return may mean a more fluid midfield. The important thing though is the win whatever the performance, that can be worried about later, three points is what matters most.

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  • Matt

    bring it on, the world cup has come to life at last, tfft!

  • Darren

    oh how we laughed at the site of the Frogs going out to a very average French team.

    What does everyone think the score will be tonight? I’m going for a 1-0 scrappy doo win

  • dexylongshot

    I was in heaven last night, me, my tuna on toast and my remote. Shouting at the screen in time with the odd mexican mistake and screaming with delight after f8ck-up after f8ck-up came from the frogs. My mobile was in disarray after the dozens of texts that were flying in and out of it. A great night for for me and the Paddy cousins over the water. I was so happy, i cracked open a guinness as i did the washing up after the game. I put Talksport on and they unbiasedly seemed to be in the same frame of mind as me and most of Britain. Tres Bien Franco, Blanco et all, now a nice cosy 1-1 with Uraguay eh, are we all agreed on that!

  • matt p

    President Le Clerc, Napoleon, Charles De Gaulle, Inspector Clouseau, eeerr Jean Claude Van Damme (belgian but who cares) you boys took one hell of a beeaattinnng!!

  • dexylongshot

    That fit bird in the James bond film with Robert Carlyle! aaaarrrgghhhhhh, who are ya!!!!

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