Roy of the Lions?

by admin

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

Forget about the World Cup next summer. Forget about South Africa and forget about the limited amount of beds that await the world’s football fans there. Forget about Fabio Capello and his impressive managerial record and the inevitable column inches that will concern Micheal Owen this summer.

Even forget about the next European Championships in Ukraine/Poland, that’s if they can make it happen of course.

Because recently there has been talk of who will succeed Capello in the self-entitled ‘biggest and hardest job in football’. A title that is nothing to do with managing footballers, but more to do with handling the hopes and expectations of 60 million people every other summer and being able to cope with the claws of the English press.

Perhaps the ridiculous and idiotic wages the FA pay is another reason.

Capello always keeps his cards extremely close to his chest and repeatedly won’t be drawn into answering whether or not he will extend his contract beyond 2012. So names such as Mourinho, Wenger and Hiddink get branded about.

However, there is an Englishman who is making a strong case for the hot seat and thankfully its not Allardyce. Unlike Allardyce, his coaching methods are widely praised across Europe and he is well respected.

He’s won major honours. He has experience of international football and succeeding. He’s managed one of Europe’s biggest clubs, Inter Milan and is currently punching far and beyond his weight and succeeding against all odds.

Who am I talking about? Roy Hodgson. I’m even surprising myself by writing this. Roy Hodgson should be seriously considered as the next England manager. His record speaks for itself, even though he does seem a little senile at times.

He has already put his hat in the bag for the British Olympic team (AKA England U23s) and his astounding success at club level with Fulham surely makes him the only credible English candidate. He was also in the frame to succeed both Hoddle and Keegan.

If the FA want proven success (he’s won bags full of titles across Scandinavia and took Switzerland to a World Cup and Euro’s), experience (he’s pretty old) and an Englishman, Hodgson is the only option.

However, that is another question for another day. Capello has so far been successful and has one of the best squads any England manager has ever had. Rooney, Terry, Ferdinand, Cole, Lampard, Gerrard. Hardly seem likes a ‘hard’ job.

For now, Roy will just have be like any other England fan and see if Capello can cut it against the big guns next summer. If he can’t, perhaps this blog will become more relevant. Perhaps it can be third time lucky for Roy.

Anyway, where’s my St Georges car flag?

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  • Ash

    The best English manager out there at the moment, but there’s not much competition really is there?

  • Michael

    Yes Hodgson! Come on Fulham!!

  • Mike

    Why not, no doubt when England are knocked out of the WC on Pens the press will say, in Fabio, we really, really thought we had it right this time, maybe it’s time to go English!

    There’s no doubt Rwoy is a class manager. He may look like a thunder bird puppet but he certainly gets the best from his average players

  • Dexylongshot

    Good choice, European knowledge, wicked use of R’s like my good self. I’d like him to have a go at the Olympics. Other pretenders will no doubt be Harry and knowing McCarrot, he’ll say it would be honour (in a sh*t accent) , and then put in an uncapped keeper or something. Bring on the Roy

  • Darren

    not the most glamorous of managers but he knows his stuff, not sure if he’s good enough for England though.

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