Russian billionaire ploughs 135m into Chester City

by Dave Redden

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

Ever since the now defunct Chester City met their demise in the Football League their small group of loyal fans have been working hard to get their beloved club back into action and playing as a bona fide business concept again. They may have hit the big time if their latest offing is fully accepted by the Football Association.

It has been reported that a Russian conglomerate, headed by Mikhail Prokhorov (who also has a bid in to buy the NBA’s current worst team, the New Jersey Nets) has placed a plan on the table which calls for the clearing of any debts still attached to the Deva Stadium and the pumping of £135 million to relaunch the club so that it can not only hold its own but compete on and off the field.

The problem is that Chester City no longer exists as an entity. As this moment in time Chester FC does not exist as a business either. So how does Chester FC, once it sets itself up in business, rebuild its playing squad in such a short amount of time?

The answer lies in yet another American connection.

In 1961, 1992 and again in 1997 America’s Major League Baseball expanded, adding two teams each time. The way that they stocked those teams with viable players that could perform immediately was by having a “draft”. This is the proposal put forward by the FA to restock Chester FC’s squad and have them ready to compete by the start of the season in August 2010.

Here’s the proposal reduced to layman’s terms: Chester FC will be able to claim players from each and every team that will be in the Football League, Championship and even the Premier League. However, those teams will have named three players per team that will be available to be drawn on for the draft.

Before everyone thinks that Chester FC could conceivably be playing in League Two with Premier League standard players all over the field we should note that the FA have a clause placed in the plan that states that Chester FC MUST show that they can and will cover those players agreeable wages and thus will not place themselves as a business in a precarious position right out of the starting blocks. Realistically the draft would probably bring in three to four players from each of the top three divisions while the rest of the players to round out the squad of thirty six players would come from rival League Two teams. There would be no transfer fees involved and Chester FC would acquire the services, contracts and salaries of the drafted players immediately.

City Fans United spokesman Geoff Blanks said: “The fans want to go back to the name Chester Football Club as that’s the name that everyone used to associate us with. If we can now get this plan passed and implemented we can get the new club back on track and people in and around Chester will once again have a team to support and be proud of.”

Prospective owner, Prokhorov, stated, “Football is a game that we like and enjoy in Russia. We have seen what has happened with teams like Manchester City after an injection of money and would like to eventually reach the level that they play at”.

Controversial or not, this situation is certainly one to keep an eye on and watch develop.

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