Russian drug scandal opens the door for England

by Mystical Mike

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

England possible Euro 2008 reinstatement

Russia could be thrown out of Euro 2008 if Alexandra Piraollof is found guilty for drug offences. Andorra defender Anthoni Lima from Sd Eivissa claims Piraollof, a member of the Russian backroom staff, drugged key players in the Andorra team prior to the crucial Euro 2008 qualifier, which sealed England’s and Steve McClarens exit from the tournament.

Leaked files from a source in The Football Union of Russia, the Russian FA, claims that Sergei Mikhailov, an alleged head of Moscow group Solntsevskaya, who is currently on trial for drug trafficking, money laundering and other criminal activities, was involved.

This could possibly be a bigger scandal than the Italian match fixing of 2005. If convicted he faces up to seven years in prison, and Russia banned from all future tournaments.

Mikhailov is already wanted in the US, Israel and by Belgian police; he was arrested in Switzerland two years ago.

If these allegations are found true, Russia would be expelled from the tournament and England would be reinstated as the 3rd placed team in their qualifying group.

Shades of Denmark 1992 spring to mind and the possible unlikely re-emergence of English football.

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  • Tommo

    we’ll probably be thrown out anyway for Capello being involved with the Italian mafia, just our luck.

    I don’t think we deserve to there anyway, we’d only be an embarrassment! Does mean STeve McClaren has to be reinstated?

  • Matt Quinn

    I heard this too. There were rumours that it wasnt just Andorra who were targets too. Ive got a mate in one of the main papers and they are probably going to break this story over the next few weeks once they have all the evidence in place.

    Could be interesting.

  • Tommo

    why would they need to drug Andorra though? Maybe to make them play better?

    who else did they target?

  • Matt Quinn

    Not sure… my mate didnt say who else they had tried it on. He just said that evidence is mounting and only pressure from the Russian FA has stopped the story becoming public.
    Hes very reliable this guy too…. told me about Mourinho leaving 2 days before it happened/Paul Jewell’s indiscretions etc….

  • Dexy Longshot

    This news is the nuts!!!!

  • Dan Church

    if this is true then its the best news of the year…..can we do a Denmark ????
    gonna get home and dig out all my spare euros.

  • Dexy Longshot

    Apparently, the FA are calling a press conference???

  • Billy

    wowza, this is the best news I’ve heard since Steve McClaren got the sack!

    Come on your England!!!!!

    I would love it if we beat them (Crotia that is)

  • barry blog

    It has been released in papers in switzerland that they are investing in larger. Due to the beer drinking boozers coming over from england.

    I am taking my metal detector and will be called rabbi barry and placing a claim on the gold that has been left by my fore fathers.

    No point watching the footie we go out in the 1st round anyway.

  • Teflon

    Am I wrong in assuming this was an April Fools joke?

    Just couldn’t find anything on Sky Sports News about this…

  • James Webb

    Gotta be an April fool, why would anybody need to drug andorra players !!!

  • Darren

    it sure was, Piraollof is an anagram of April fool, 1-0!!

  • Dan Church

    oooooh Darren, your cunning.

  • dexylongshot

    Such a card… Pirallof was my idea.

    The strange thing is, that scouser Rob Pullinger said he had already heard about it through is work!

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