Arsenal’s Ryo Miyaichi

by Marvin Cave

Friday, April 13th, 2012


“No Japanese player has ever made a lasting impact in the Premier League, but everyone is excited about Miyaichi. Our young high flyer seems to have become a house hold name back in his native Japan.

Japanese writer Mori Masatoshi had a few interesting things to say about him . More one That Here.

Ryo is quite a humble character and he is willing to put his Head down and focus on improving. He seems like he is one of those players that aim for more than the best.

Players that aim for more than perfection. He also has a typical japanese work ethic! And that’s what’s even more encouraging, He is not letting all the hype he is getting from back home, and from media in England go to his Head. Which is not a common trait in young players who get massive media attention. But its a seems he just wants to be the best he can be.

I think Arsenal have a gem in Ryo. His is lightning quick, think of walcott with skill and great technique. He has the Height, a few sessions in the gym with some weights will do him good.. And there’s a chance he could become the complete Footballer, a talisman for Arsenal.

Arsenal Stand to gain a lot if Ryo does establish him self in the EPL. Arsenal will also have one of the greatest players to ever come from japan.

The question is will he do it? Can he do it. I certainly hope so because every one can see how good he is now he just has to kick on find some consistency.

When he starts bossing defenders all over England. Then we can finally Say Well done Arsne, You’ve done it again. Cheers Gooners

Cheers Gunners #CYOG

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  • Eddie Yak

    Why is Asene Wenger looking all over the world for star players when he already have a Ronaldo in the making in his own backyard. Is he so blind ? Well he missed signing Ronaldo BUT what if he did signed Ronaldo at 16 years old will he nurtured him like Sir Alex Ferguson did. I doubt it because Wenger wants the diamond to be shining before using them , he does not waste time polishing them to shine. I strongly believed Ronaldo will not be superstar of today if he landed in the palms of Wenger and he was lucky he selected Sir Ferguson. It is obvious that Ryo is a greater talent than the likes of Walcott but he is not given the chance to play in his Arsenal shirt. The future of Arsenal’s attack is in the hands of the twin terror of Ox Chamberlain and Ryo Miyaichi and throwing into Walcott in the fray would made Arsenal the most feared team in the BPL. With a midfield of Song, Arteta and Eriksen plus defence of VanMaelen and Van hougten, Arsenal will have the. 2013/2014 Invincibles. Imagine with VanPersie and Podulski as strikers such a setup is perfect attacking total football !

  • Jules

    Eddie you are a total tool!

  • MaQ The Gunner

    Are You Forgetting All the Players Wenger Molded into stars?

  • Eddie Yak

    MaQ I havn’t forgotten his achievements with trophies and stars but that’s five years or more ago. Basically he is not doing what he did before at this point of time. I just felt that he has lost the reality of the present football climate. Like he expect to buy a Thierry Henry with the same bid he paid ten years ago, there were many talent players linked to Arsenal but eventually lost to other clubs, example Fabregas and Nasri. Sometimes no matter how experience and wise a person is they do make terrible unworthy decisions when under duress and pressure. Maybe just maybe Mr. Wenger feel that the whole world is wrong except him on matters concerning Arsenal. Sure I can respect that because Arsenal is his baby.

  • MaQ The Gunner

    You also have to Appreciate what he has Achieved with the little he was given to work with honestly.. Some Fans Are Spoiled they forget that the move to the emirates did wonders for our club but it also put us at risk of going bankrupt if we didn’t continue competing, Most notably in the Champions League. We have money, To spend but fans can’t expect us to sign six stars in the summer. If you’re a fan, and you want all the big names.. Support another team.

  • Eddie Yak

    If Wenger make twenty decisions right and did just one wrong decision, realistically we should just ignore and look away, just don’t mention it if we are so called ‘true’ fans. Is that your logic in life ? Well I beg to differ if progress is the key to success. I now look at Arsenal as a money making machine, make lots of profit by selling your best players and buying back cheaper youngsters and when they are ready to be sold profitability , sell them and as long stay top four make money from Champions league. As long as making money is concern Mr. Wenger cannot be faulted but is that what you as a loyal fan from a traditionally competitive footballing club. If trophies is unimportant then why have all kind of Cups?

  • MaQ The Gunner

    I’m not Against buying players People.

  • Eddie Yak

    You said quote if you’re a fan, and you want all the big names., Support another club unquote now you said you are not against buying players, how ridiculous make up your mind loyal fan !

  • MaQ The Gunner

    Eddie… The point I’m making here is that you can’t expect Arsenal to sign six big name players. If you expect that as a fan support another team. Make no mistake I would love to Sign Vertonghen, Nuri Sahin, Podolski, Eriksen, Hazard and Montolivo. But you can’t expect that as an arsenal fan. Unless Alisher Usmanov takes over from silent Stan. I’m being Realistic here.

  • Ron

    Eddie… if every fans only ask for trophy, then there are a lot stupid people following most of team in the league which can’t win any trophy in the last ten years.

    According to one of recent report, since the introducing of PL, Arsenal has the lowest net expense in player transaction. AW may not make some of my favorable decision in formation or line up, but i think no one can run a club like him with such limited resource yet being competitive in the league. Frankly, if not AW, with such amount of fund, many managers would bring the club down to the mid table or ever lower. Even now the club said has fund for him to buy new player, those funds are also come from his previous transaction.

    I hope Arsenal can win major trophy. I like it. but i also like the style of game, player transaction, youth system and also its operation. How ever you? Why you stay here. For big spending big name, pls go to man city

  • Eddie Yak

    Did I ever as for six big name players and did I said Arsenal must win trophies it’s all made up by you guys. I said as a traditional competitive club Arsenal’s ambition should be winning and not just about selling established players to make profits. I supported Arsenal but not in blinded ways so much so that I think everything they did is correct and right. If Wenger ‘s is wrong from my opinion I said it that is the true fan. I rest my case there is no point discussing the illogicals.

  • MaQ The Gunner

    I never said you did.. I was just stating the situation out club is in. I can see you’re a fan who cares Eddie we all do.

  • MaQ The Gunner

    When I say “You” I’m referring to fans in general.

  • Eddie Yak

    MaQ if have read my first posting carefully you will realised I am not a fan who expect the club to spend blindly. I said Wenger should be loking all over world for players when he already have Ryo Miyaichi whom many liken he is very talented like Ronaldo. I also mentioned players like Poduski, Eriksen and Ventougher which have all been link to Arsenal. The present is already very strong and these additions would make Arsenal formidable like the new 2013/2014 Invincibles. Am I not a caring fan ?

  • MaQ The Gunner

    I Agree with you Eddie. We all want Our team to be successful at the end of the day.

  • Eddie Yak

    Watch out next season Arsenal would be formidable and if Ryo and Ox Chamberlain played with Walcott teams will have a torrid time containing them. These three guy can feed RVP and hopefully Podulski generously. The present midfielder are doing very well but with another outstanding player like Christian Eriksen, highly recommended by Dennis Bergkamp, Fabregas will not be missed. The defence now is as good as many teams. What is most important is the players’ hearts and hunger.

  • MaQ The Gunner

    I Agree with you. But also we need to believe in our team as well. Next Season will be a very important season.

  • Blazer

    I have to agree to what Eddie wrote, Wenger is one of the most unpredictable managers in the premier league. He likes to challenge the fans and his opposition team by bringing a weak combination of players, as you all know, it takes one weak player in a key area to mess up a game, Wenger does that time and time again. Yes, we are all happy and exited to see Arsenal on a winning strick, but that all could fed quickly if Wenger starts doing what he did last season bringing in weak player who should not qualify even to be on the bench. I do not blem good players wanting to leave Arsenal, I don’t think it is because they do not like Arsenal but to get far away from Wenger’s creasy decisions. Let me give you an example, Djourou and Ramsey do not belong in the first team line up, at least at their current skill level. I don’t believe for one second the idea saying Wenger does not have any option, he has all the options he needed but chose not to do adjustments. He choses not to give enough play time to exceptional players. Let me be clear here, Rosicky, Diaby, Miyachi, AOX, Couqulin, Park these are all exceptional players but not given enough play time. Miyachi did not even get one full game at Arsenal but why? Rosick and Diaby were not given play time last season while they were fit and ready. For me, these two are the most gifted players at Arsenal period and giving below average players play time while sitting these world class players could be devestating for their moral, no wonder they were getting injured frequently. Wenger needs a good advisor to se the formation and to make substitutions at the right moment not at the 80’th minute.

  • Eddie Yak

    Let’s hope Arsenal will match on restlessly next season, I trust she would succeed and we all can be happy ! Here’s to all the Arsenal fans worldwide 2013.

  • Eddie Yak

    Blazer, I agree with your assessment of Wenger’s habit he favour certain players especially home players. I wrote so many time that Park JuYong should be given play time and inspite of having little chance to play he did scored. Unfortunately he doesn’t move Wenger at all, sometimes it made me wonder whether it is because he is Asian. Wenger have his own preference, I honestly don’t see great performance from Ramsey. Rosicky resurrection was because he is playing in his favourite position now in the middle. He was fantastic in the World cup when he. Captain his country . After he joined Arsenal he was play out of position which is Wenger’s favourite pasttime and the central midfield was dominated by Fabregas so Rosicky retreated in a hole and never played to his potential. Now he is showing once again what Wenger was missing all this while. Sometime Wenger is a danger to himself and the team.

  • Goonerton

    Eddie Yak April 13, 2012 at 4:46 pm,

    Is that why he just managed, an Arsenal team that just beat city out of sight even though it was only 1-0 ?

    If he’s lost touch etc then how did he manage to guide his team from where they were up the table to get 27 points out of a possible 30 and over took spurs who were 12 points ahead of them in Feb?

    Maybe you should get a job on talksport and sit with that other idiot who spouts bias bitter crap without any factual based evidence.

  • rizal

    Eddie Yak, you are typical football fan that makes any assessment based on one sided thinking with the leisure of an armchair football fans, pardon me Eddie for not explaining my point – somehow i find it would be a waste of time to do an elaborate explanation on comments section.

  • Eddie Yak

    Goonerton – If he had been so meticulous then why did he started the season so disastrously getting roll over by MU 8-1 ? You are one of those who follow blindly , now that they have recovered do you attribute the credit to just the manager. FYI ultimately it is the players who is on the field to fight for it not just the manager who win or lose. You are just a naive idiot not me keep your rubbish to yourself don’t direct them at me, what type facts and evidence do you expect do you expect to be presented ? I am no expert but neither are you !

  • MaQ The Gunner

    Gentlemen let’s not get personal now

  • ganso09

    eddie yak it seems as though you havent supported arsenal that long from your comments, the truth is that wenger does mould players and give them time to become better, you only have to look at this season, Ramsey has been poor yet wenger has persisted with him. what you are saying about fegie simply isn’t true, welbeck was loaned out, as was cleverly to make them better players, your talking garbage, probably not even a real arsenal supporter. ive seen Ryo pla for bolton and he has shown in flashes what he can do, but he is still very inconsistant ad clearly not ready. its the will of the player that is the most important factor in whether they improve so Ronaldo would have made it at arsenal or anywhere they would ALLOW HIM TO EXPRESS HIMSELF

  • Eddie Yak

    He came charging in and was rude, there is no reason to be diplomatic with such kind . It’s just off-the-cuff discussion I don’t someone asking me to show factual evidence it’s not a murder case.

  • Eddie Yak

    Ganso09 – you are entitle to your opinion indeed , you need to convinced others to accept your opinion not tried to force it down their throats. The truth is what we are all saying is hearsay. You are the fortunate teller knowing that I am a new fan !

  • ganso09

    Eddie Yak – you are absolutely right about not forcing oppinions down peoples throats. but the fact is you have to be confident in your own oppions, then if you can see that someone elses oppinion is more accurate you should be able to admit if you are wrong. All i know is that it is frustrating not winning trophies but for older fans who knew what it was like before wenger came, they appreciate more what wenger has done for the club. if it werent for wenger we’d either be where liverpool are, or even worse where leeds are. wengers biggest mistake has been to be too fond and trusting of his players, trusting that they would eventually become good if he used them enough(denilson,djourou, diaby syndrome), and trusting they would stay when they finally did come good (flamini,nasri, hleb, cesc syndrome) he lost his ruthlessness. but now he has finally woken up after the nasri betrayal and the 8-2 man utd game. we will see what he does in the summer but i think you will see that he has changed

  • shmackins

    Eddie, you are wrong about his ability to nurture talent. Thats my opinion & pretty much everyone else’s here. Wenger knows far better than we do whether he is ready or not. In Arsene We Trust. Btw we lost 8-2 to Man utd.

  • Eddie Yak

    Wenger achievements is absolutely amazing, what he had done for Arsenal is not any manager could do. I do not dispute that because it is fact before everybody’s eyes. My opinion was that he does manage Arsenal the way he used to. He rather buy raw talents and mound them into stars but later selling them at premium price and never replaced them with similar quality players he sold. For Ryo , Owen Coyle claim he is outstanding talent but Wenger don’t think he is good enough even on the bench. I just want to make things clear but unfortunately people just don’t read very well there nowhere in my comments that said he is not good as a manager or that his achievements not amazing and I even said watch out for Arsenal in 2013 so why is everybody getting upset over my comment it’s just personal opinions not meant to be listed as facts. Please do me a favour, grow up .

  • Cc

    I would love 2 see ryo play the left wing,gerv has struggled there,but if we can get a player of walcott speed & work rate on that wing,I think it will be a big + on our hands.

  • IdiotEddie

    so wenger may not have nurtured c.ronaldo to become a world class player? SAF does jackshit with his players, his just known for his management skills, c.ronaldo succeeded because of sheer will, determination, talent and above all else, hard fucking work. Fabregas on the other hand, if he had gone to manutd im pretty sure hed be half the player he is today.

  • IdiotEddie

    Hey Eddie Yak you idiot, do us all a favour and quit watching football. It’s not that wenger thinks RYO is NOT good enough for the bench it’s that it would be far more advantageous for RYO to go on loan to a premier league team so that he’d get MORE playing time and proper adjustment to the league. He wouldn’t be getting that much playing time if he were to stay at arsenal, our wing is overcrowded enough as it is. Though, expect big things from him next season a la WILSHERE.

  • EddieIsRetarded

    Either Eddie is retarded or he is a boy (most likely Asian) who hasn’t yet reached his tenth birthday. If the latter, apologies, keep writing because it helps you develop your mind and is far better than playing Pokemon video games all day. Otherwise, stop wasting everybody’s time posting such blithering nonsense.

  • MaQ The Gunner

    Please Read the Comments carefully before making idiotic claims

  • ganso09

    eddie yak to be honest i think everybody is getting on your back because you basically compared wengers ability to nurture talent to fergies, and pretty much suggested fergie was better at it, but your argument didnt really hold weight, because fergie has had just as many flops as success’s, and he’s sent plenty out on loan. I’ve watched almost every game Ryo has played for bolton and you can clearly see why wenger has sent him out on loan. to be honest still has a lot of work before he’s ready. and there is no english bias, wenger couldnt exactly spend 12m on a player and then send him out on loan, plus the ox is more developed than Ryo. there is little doubt tho that Ryo will make it, he just has to be patient

  • EddieIsRetarded

    People are getting on Eddie’s back because he makes some pretty absurd statements. Man U bought Ronaldo at the age of 18 when his undoubted skills were already quite well known (Arsenal thought they had signed Ronaldo, even Ronaldo’s mother thought he was going to Arsenal, but Man U came in with a last minute higher bid and stole him from under our noses), and indeed, the show pony had to have his stepovers kicked out of him by English defenders. Actually, if you think about it, Ronaldo’s skills were generally far more effective against the lesser lights of the Premier League and he was usually quieter against strong teams like Arsenal (and that is why playing in La Liga has elevated his world stature to such an extent). To claim that he became a superstar because he played for Ferguson and not for Wenger is frankly silly. And to suggest that Wenger doesn’t play the Korean captain Park Ju-Young because he’s Asian is also absurd. Wenger has a love for Japan and an abiding respect for Japanese players. He bought Junichiro Inamoto but eventually let him go because, although skillful, he lacked the presence and aggressiveness to play effectively in the Premiere League, much like Carlos Vela actually. And then Wenger brought Ryo, a Japanese school boy, to Arsenal. As soon as Ryo got his work papers, Wenger brought him back from Feyenoord and loaned him to Bolton as he had with Jack Wilshere. He did so because he clearly sees Ryo’s potential and he wanted him to get as much first team playing time as possible to acclimatize himself as quickly as possible to the faster pace and more physical nature of the Premier League. It’s clear that Ryo not only has blistering pace and skill, he has unlike Inamoto the confidence and aggression to possibly shine in the league. But I have watched Bolton play quite a few times this year and to claim that Ryo at this stage is a greater talent than Theo Walcott is again silly. I seriously don’t think Lionel Messi would say that Barcelona thinks of Ryo as the most worrisome Arsenal threat as he did about Theo Walcott, not yet anyway. Then to suggest that Wenger somehow ruined the career of Rosicky by playing him out of position – and Blazer claiming Abou Diaby was not played enough – indicates breathtaking ignorance of the complex, lingering, almost career ending injuries both players suffered. And people might find it more than a little disconcerting that Eddie has put so much effort to criticize Arsenal and Arsene Wenger’s ability to recognize and develop football talent, yet hasn’t taken the time to know that the Arsenal defender he apparently likes is called Vermaelen, not VanMaelen. Let me be clear, we can all misspell players’ names (Szczczesny anyone?), but not to bother to get an Arsenal player’s name even close to being phonetically correct is very difficult to do for an Arsenal supporter. And it’s not a typo either (e.g. Van hougten, Podulski). After all, since Eddie knows better than Wenger about the qualities of football players, perhaps he should explain to the world who the defender Van hougten is and why he is in any way better than Koscielny. Perhpas Eddie means Jan Vertonghen, but if he has done enough research on this player to state that he should replace Koscielny, surely he would have got the player’s name even somewhat close. I would STRONGLY suspect that he has not.

  • Eddie Yak

    For the writers who wrote under IdiotEddie and EddieIsRetarded I like to congratulate you both or to one and same person for being so arrogant and rude , never have I come across someone so cocksure with ones opinion. It’s like you leave in Arsenal Club and every night you share your bed with a different player. You must be pretty proud that you have such intimate knowledge of Mr. Wenger and his players that you displayed them as a matter of fact. FYI Sir Alex Ferguson is acknowledge by the entire footballing community as the MOST outstanding manager in England and his achievements precede him where ever he go . You ARE the. BIGGEST Idiot of all if you want to dispute this fact. Don’t even try to speculate who I am because take salt more than you take rice and I cross more bridges than you take road.

  • jeff

    @eddieyak and all other commenters…
    i just want to clarify eddie’s comment. I don’t think arsenal as a selling club, because wenger only sell a player when he finds that the player’s heart is no longer with the gunners. for recent example nasri and fabregas. for the latter i know that this guy has a lot of love for arsenal, but he admitted himself that he would like to go back to his boyhood club, whereas nasri would like to go to club that can pay him higher.

  • EddieSaysHeIsNotRetarded

    Eddie Yak, yes, I can admit to not being the brightest. But can you please, PLEASE, tell us who this wonderful defender Van hougten is? Which team does he play for? How old is he and what is his nationality? Why do you think he should replace Koscielny?

  • Woolwich Gooner

    Eddie totally agree with you. Seven years without a trophy is not good enough. I will remember Wenger as the nearly man. Nearly done this, nearly done that. His inability to motivate the players sufficiently enough ( v QPR) to win matches over a sustained period when up against serious competition leaves me wondering whether his early Arsenal career was a fluke. His inability to see the blindingly obvious regarding many of our squad (you know who they are). He is totally blinded in to thinking he can beat fergie & co with bargain basement players year in year out. When Fergie is your mate, you know your no longer a threat to his empire.

  • Philip

    Cool yr boots people, everyone has an opinion, that’s the beauty of football.

    Here’s mine. I used to watch us under George Graham, home and away. We were tough to beat, dull but we won trophies. We had crap players like David Hillier, Steve Morrow and Ian Selly in our midfield. Players who were tough, got stuck in and did a job.

    I remember an away game at Charlton, we desperately needed the points, we were singing ‘spend some fcking money’ as like Wenger, GG wouldn’t spend. At 0-0 with ten minutes to go and needing a goal he sent David O Leary on, a man who had scored twice in 400 games. Imagine paying for to see that type of football.

    I’m by no means Wengers biggest fan but you cant underestimate what he has done for the club. Saying that, I strongly believe next season is a make or break one. He has to spend, half the squad needs to go, Diarby, Squid, Park, chermak, Bendnter, Santos. It won’t happen but that’s 20 m. Plus the so called 50 we have that’s 70m.

    We don’t need superstars we players with a winning mentality , players who have played in the Premier League.

  • Eddie Yak

    Philip that’s what opinions are for. Yes totally agreed big name players without their heart and soul on the field don’t always deliver that’s why lesser clubs do beat the higher ranked teams. I cannot understand people who think you committed a crime if your opinions is different from them and they want to bash you on the head just for comments you made. I refused to entertain these very immature personalities and will not coniinue with them.

  • Mystical Mike

    everyone knows Arsenal fans have the most to say, so just go with the flow Eddie. I don’t think people mean to be rude, its just banter.

    Regards to signings, I’d go with Leighton Baines, Cheik Tiote (although E Frimpong will be class soon), Jan Vertonghen, Ben Afra & an out and out goal scorer. Maybe Dempsey, or Ba. Most of these players have Premier League experience, which is what we need

  • ron w

    eddie.. you’re wrong!
    dont defend details. you were way wrong in the first place.
    some so called fans moan if wenger has young’uns , they moan if he has old’uns.
    how can you talk about ronaldo? you’re making things up to suit yourself.
    go back to supporting the team…
    nothing personal, just that im a bit embarrassed for you.

  • Eddie Yak

    wrong ? What was wrong, just mentioning Ronaldo is wrong ? Are curtain names in this forum that cannot be spoken of. Ronaldo was just an example of the opportunities given to him to play as a rookie in MU . You must be OFF YOUR ROCKER AND GETTING MORE RIDICULOUS as this carry on.

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