Sack the FA!

by Mickey Marbles

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

I hate that I do!

Those toffs at the FA had me in a bloody head boiling rage when I read this the other day. They have sent out a warning to their Football Foundation stakeholders of a proposal to cut 20% from their £15m-a-year contribution to the grassroots sport charity.

You wanna know why, get this: They can’t afford the rent on the old Soho Square headquarters which has been sitting empty since last summer when they upped sticks and moved to the new £800 Million Pound Wembley, complete with crap transport links and the same 70’s tiling along Wembley way and £200 million pound retractable roof that doesn’t retract. Can you believe it, all that money & they are cutting out one of the most important areas of our game, grass roots because they wanted a posher gaff to eat their prawn sarnies & sip champas, what what!

I hate that I do!

The FA are having a complete overhaul of it’s expenditure as it comes to terms with losing the money from the looming collapse of Setanta, who bring in around 44m a year covering the FA Cup & England internationals.
You’d think with all the money they have, they might dip into their own pots to pay it of and avoid the bad press but oh no, we’ll just take it away from the kids, the future of the game. I hate that I do.

Toffs, more like To**ers!

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  • James


    The FA are fools, the whole board needs sacking, and new younger blood with fresher ideas is what’s needed.

  • Paul

    bring back Sir Bert Millichip and the big fat bloke with no charisma, Gordon Taylor, was that him?

  • Alan

    Yep, sack the FA. We didn’t need a new Wembly, it’s hell to get to and from. Have yo ever tried getting away after a match? The Millennium stadium and touring other England grounds would have worked really well – give the whole of our nation a chance to see the national team. If we HAD to have it at least it could have had a proper retractible roof – I know it really surprised my American friends that it hadn’t when I took them there.

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