Sacked after one week in charge. Surely not?

by Ashleigh Rose

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

Can you imagine being sacked after just one full week in you’re new job? You would have thought it would take something deadly severe to be shown the door before you’ve even managed to get feet under the table. So, how must Bryan Gunn have felt last weekend having been shown his marching orders last week as manager of Norwich City. I know football is a unique industry and we shouldn’t compare it to our normal working routines but even by football standards been sacked after one league game is ridiculously harsh. But is the pressure on clubs and managers becoming that intense?

Yes losing you’re opening day fixture 7-1 in-front of you’re home fans is not the ideal start and the Canaries may have had some recent boardroom changes but I still cant find it any excuse to sack a manger after one week of the season, especially a club legend like Gunn. If the board had doubts and the new members had this decision already in mind then why was he given the job on a permanent basis in the summer, when in everyone in football already kind of knew he probably wasn’t right for the post anyway, and then given funds to bring in no less the eleven or so players on his own. Surely faith can’t have been too high in Gunn if the board hit the panic button after just two games into a new season. Or is the pressure to achieve promotion at the first attempt so great that at changes are needed at the first sign of trouble. How will new manager Paul Lambert fear if he goes on to lose his first five or six games? After all the decision to appoint him seems to me like a board who don’t really no what they doing and have just got the bloke who beat their team do convincingly on the opening day, no offence to Lambert.

Gunn may not be the first early casualty either, over at my own club QPR fans are already worried that Jim Magilton could face the boot if he doesn’t win at home to Nottingham Forest on Saturday. Rangers owner Flavio Briatore has already seen over five managers and two caretakers in his two years at the club and if Magilton is not to become the latest casualty he’ll need a first win of the campaign this weekend or we could be stupidly talking about another sacking. Then there’s Brighton, who fresh from the own 7-1 thrashing last night are starting to talk of getting rid of Russell Slade, a man who saved them from the brink of relegation last season. It’s madness.

I can’t actually believe I’m even talking of managerial sackings this early in the season but its just further evidence of what pressure today’s managers are under to bring immediate success to a football club. When will they learn that stability is the key and patience is often rewarded with more success, just ask Man Utd.

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  • Stevie

    to be fair, Bryan Gunn looks like a right weirdo, I think he scared all the kids in the family enclosure, either that or he kept eating all the fans pies at half time!

  • Ash

    He does remind of the Fat Controller from Thomas the Tank Engine!

  • Matt Quinn

    He does look very strange…. i remember when he used to be quite the dashing young keeper with flowing locks. Now he looks like a demented Adrian Edmondson impersonator.

    I guess, technically, he had been in the job since January* (getting Norwich relegated in the process) but like you say- why give him the job permenantly if the board had doubts?

    *Gunn took over in January from Glenn Roeder. What a couple of handsome footballing masterminds those two are! Norwich fans really have been blessed recently.

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