Sacreblue! France Fail to Break Uruguay Down

by Michael Somerville

Friday, June 11th, 2010

It’s been 25 years since there was a goal between these sides and it refused to change today.

Both teams huffed and puffed but could not create any clear cut opportunities for their respective sides. Thierry Henry and Florent Malouda were left on the bench as Raymond Domench stamped some managerial discipline on the French team. A great chance for Sidney Govou saw a wasted chance after stellar work by Frank Ribery down the left in the 8th minute. Europa League hero Diego Forlan then saw a shot parried away by Hugo Lloris in the 15th minute.

This started to feel like the SA vs. Mexico game- except less excitable and breathless. Yohan Courcoff slammed an audacious free kick in the 17th minute which was well turned away by Uruguan goalkeeper Muslera. It almost deceived him and could have been embarrassing for the Arsenal summer target Lloris.

The first half saw a cagey opening and little chances for both sides as France continued their disappointing form under Domanech.

A pedestrian first half spilled unwelcomingly into the second, and always punctuated by the plastic horns. God bless those plastic horns: I simply refuse to be irritated by them.

Not a terrible first half from France, but they still seem a little bit out of kilter but ‘Les Blues’ have just edged this tie so far. Raymond Domench’s ideas of making his French team trek up the Alps seemed to be working OK.

France & Arsenal player Abou Diaby bossed the game in the first half and Frank Ribery soon blasted a speculative shot from 25 yards but was pulled wide in the 59th minute.

France struggled to get any sort of foot in the game, but Ribery still remained a threat. It was only a matter of time before Thierry Henry was introduced. Almost a goal every other game was hopefully going to pay off for Domenech but it never transpired.
Frustration spilled over in the 67th minute as Toulanan clashed with Uruguan players. Anelka was eventually replaced by Thierry Henry in the 71st minute unfortunately he couldn’t recapture any kind of form he has shown in the past.

Sebastian Abreu came on for Suarez as Oscar Washington Tabarez seemed to copy the tactics used by Carlos Alberto Parreria- very much youth for experience.

The temporarily banished Florent Malouda made his World Cup entrance- with 15 minutes to show Domench what he had been missing. Malouda hit a fairly speculative shot with his left foot from 25 yards in the 75 minute but didn’t have the time to truly show himself to the world stage.

After only being on the pitch for 18 minutes Nicolas Lodiero managed to earn himself the dubious honour of being the first man to be sent off at the World Cup. Even after Uruguay were limited to 10 men, France never looked like scoring past the South Americans.

Theirry Henry’s shout for a penalty was rightly denied by the Japanese referee. No handball was the correct decision and the appeal reeked of irony.

Nil- nil summed up the game perfectly- devoid of energy, ideas and spark.

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  • Mystical Mike

    very, very poor game, it had snoozebuster written all over it from the minute the draw was made.

    Can someone please tell me what’s so great about Ribery? I’ve never seen him perform on the big stage, Europes most over rated player by a mile!!!!

    Forlan looked class, mugged up Gallas loads.

    Good reports Mike, keep ‘ em coming

  • William

    Interesting to see Anelka make his World Cup debut at last. His transfer fees to date come to just under £90m but he’d never played at a finals before yesterday!

  • Michael

    Yep, unbelievable that he’s never played at a WC before. Still, judging by his performance yesterday they haven’t been missing much down the years. Class for Chelsea, stiffled for France

  • dexylongshot

    I was praying for Forlan and partner in crime Suarez to give the frogs a going over but it never came. I was close to tears at the death when i thought that Henry was gonna knock in that free-kick with the last minute. To my surprise, it was a terrible effort and on this form, the group looks wide open.

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