Scolari reaps the rewards for failure once again

by Michael Somerville

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

After only four months in charge of Uzbekistan side FC Bunyodkor, Luis Felipe Scolari is once again facing the sack. Despite earning an astonishing £230,000 a week as head coach of the ambitious side; Scolari has become unstuck once again.

There are parallels to be drawn with his infamous tenure at Chelsea which ended in Feburary 2009. After getting off to a rip-roaring start; guiding the West London team to big wins over FA Cup winners Portsmouth and a resounding 5-0 win away to Middlesbrough, his man management tactics cataclysmically collapsed, culminating with a frustrating 0-0 draw at home to Hull which sealed his fate.

Bunyodkor have shamelessly attempted to steal some of the greatest players in the world to come to play in the Usbeki league. Unsurprisingly, Samuel Eto’o rejected audacious bids to lure him to Bunyodkor’s JAR stadium (capacity 10,000) despite a huge wage on offer for the Cameroonian international. They were reported to offer him £15.6 million for three months work. Scolari had to make do with signing 37 year old Brazilian legend Rivaldo on an eye-watering £9.1 million a year contract.

Scolari’s appointment has been greeted with jeers of derision around the globe, and it’s hardly surprising as 45% of the Uzbeki population live off £1 a day. Throw in the nations’ appalling human rights record which includes accounts of torture, restrictions of religion, speech and press, and you realise that Scolari’s job is grossly inappropriate in the circumstances.

However, having a World Cup winning manager on board does not guarantee success, and the recent defeat to South Korean side Poohang Steelers has knocked them out of the Asian Champions League for another year. No glamorous match against Manchester United then!

After receiving £7.5 million compensation from Roman Abramovich earlier this year as compensation, Scolari looks set to wheel in the big bucks once again. Bunyodkor are on their fifth manager this year and are in a hurry for more silverware.

The situation is embarrassing for Scolari to say the least, but four months work for almost a million pounds is hardly going to cost “Big Phil” any sleepless nights.

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  • Darren

    some managers can make a career out of a few flukes. Anyone could manage Brazil and a home team at a tournament!

    Seriously though, he’s a brilliant international manager but club football doesn’t suit him some how. Maybe the day to day running of a football club doesnt suit his personality?

  • Mike

    He does seem to have a temper on him doesn’t he? The thing is, is that he wasn’t even running the club- he was just a coach!

  • Darren

    To be fair, poohang are a bloody good side!

  • dexylongshot

    Yep agreed, Poohang are the sh8t! I really thought Popeye Scholari would do the business at Chelsea, he should have never lost ties with his French Connections.

    I can’t believe the Uzbeki population live off £1 a day. They must really like what’s going on with all the millions being thrown about. We moan about our overpaid stars.

    Do easy jet do flights there, Bakers got a stag coming up????

  • Mike

    Ha ha hilarious post! You can get flights over there for about £350, imagine how cheap there pints are… after a long hard days work mining uranium you just want a nice Uzbeki beer. On £1 a day i reckon 10p sounds reasonable

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