Sell, sign or stick…?

by Mystical Mike

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

Who do you admire? Love? Hate? Who would you sell, sign, or stick?

Now, first things first… We don’t mean “stick” as in keep hold of. Oh no. We mean “stick” as in stick two, long, knuckle-bearing fingers up at, as if to say, “Do one”.

Looking at teams selectively, where better to start than the “Big Three”? (Liverpool fans – “Calm down, calm down!”) So much money and hope for activity within the transfer market… But so much to lose should it all go wrong.


Chelsea FC

Florent Malouda

Like an airfix model… Looks the part, but doesn’t actually do anything. Chelsea need someone who can keep the ball, not give it to the opposition. My source tells me that Barcelona are preparing a bid as we speak. Big Phil, listen to Barca and accept… SELL.



No reasons needed here. Kaka or Queresma would benefit ANY team. Big Phil… Get your Russian wallet out.


Didier Drogba

I admit, I liked the guy, and he is a great goal scorer, but come on – he goes down quicker than my Gran on ice skates. The fact he “made up his mind to leave” over four months ago is beyond me. Drog… Do one.


Manchester United F.C

Gary Neville

Controversial? Not at all. Just plain sensible. Good player, but United have set the marker for attacking football, and to go one step further next season, they need support going forward from BOTH full-backs. I reckon Everton or Sunderland will take him. Sir Alex, SELL.



Forgetting for a minute about the “will he, wont he” saga with Crissy the Sissy, and based on my decision to “sell” Neville – I think United need to sign Sergio Ramos, for “wing-back” qualities, supporting the attacking play. Sir Alex… A Real Madrid swapsies deal!?…


Cristiano Ronaldo

You know it. What a winker. Even if this whole thing is to ensure a pay rise at United – what a cock. Add a sprinkle of dives, a handful of arrogance… Crissy… Do one.


Arsenal F.C

Emmanuel Adebayor

£24million for someone who can’t score when he cuts his hair is a great bit of business. Monsieur Wenger… SELL.



It would have to be a forward, and for the Gunners’ slick passing football, who’d bet against David Villa slotting straight in.
Monsieur Wenger – Watch how he links up with ‘Cesc in Euro ’08… SIGN.


Emmanuel Eboue

For the simple reason that he seems to think he is a lot better than he actually is! Also, he loves to kiss Wenger’s arse and ask for more money.
Eboue – you’re not good enough to play for Arsenal… Do one.


Others on the STICK list this week (All of you – Do one) are:

Joey Barton, Pascal Chimbonda, and Steve Maclaren.

Agree with all of my choices? If not, bring it! Let me know why, and let me know who you would Sign, Sell, or Stick, for your club – or any club.

‘Cause we know more about football than the Pro’s.

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  • Danny Brothers

    Looking at the sides coming up to the Premier League, it’s going to be a massive struggle for the likes of Hull and Stoke to get their squads up to Premiership standard. West Brom have been there and done that before and should be well enough equipped to both attract players and keep the ones they have.

    Hull and Stoke, on the other hand, are newbies and could well go down the “Derby” road if they’re not careful.

    Hull relied on Calab Folan and Frazier Campbell for goals last season while Dean Windass hit a few cameo strikes. Campbell may return on Man United from his loan so that leaves City a bit weak up top. The likes of Michael Bridges, Windass and Nick Barmby have done it before but can they really cut in the big time once again?

    Stoke are also missing fire power. Riccardo Fuller has proved himself in the Championship but his top flight credentials are questionable. The same goes for Richard Cresswell. The aquisitiion of Shola Ameobi could help the cause a great deal though if he stays fit.

    All in all, it looks like another season of struggle for the new boys and although the old Premier League stars returning bring touches of sentimentality, is it time to get rid of them in exchange for good top division players?

  • Ashman

    You’re right – the newly promoted sides will look at bringing in “touches of sentimentality” as you superbly put it, but im not entirely convinced that the gap between the Premiership and Championship is as big as it has been in the past.
    I think lower league football is catching up, and although the money side of things will always ensure there is a big gap, in terms of football, i think it may be closing.

    I have a feeling that we will start to see “Championship” players cutting the mustard in the Prem now, making a name for themselves.

    Yes, there will always be the “Derby” seasons. They will happen in every league in the country. For every champion there is a loser.
    But maybe, just maybe, times are changing for sides “coming up”.
    Hull or Stoke could “do a Derby” but equally, they could end up “doing a Sunderland”

    Out of respect for their players i dont believe the newly promoted sides should Sell, i think they should be clever with who they Sign (not just older players with Prem experience) and i think they should Stick two fingers up at everyone who is writing them off before the season has started.

  • Danny Brothers

    They should do that, stick two fingers up to people like myself I mean. Readin did a superb job in their first season because they kept their squad together. Although, they were champions of their league by a country mile going into the Premier Legaue whereas the Championship was the closest for many a year last season, meaning anyone could have got into the top two as late as the last month.

    As a Northampton Town fan I’m delighted to see Stoke and Hull in the Premier League, it gives us and all other lower league sides hope that it could happen to us one day. I just don’t feel the quality is there to avoid a relegation battle with the squads they have right now. I really hope they prove me very wrong!

  • Ashman

    Well mate….. …. this is the excitement of the Premier League!!

    I hope they all stay up, even the Baggies! It would be great for the English game if all three newly promoted clubs can stay up.

    Fulham, Bolton, and Wigan or Sunderland to drop!

  • Darren

    Eboue was the worst player in the Premier League last season, his grand total of 0 goals and 0 assists proves this. The man is an absolute liability. How he played him over Walcott is a total joke. Walcott was sensational in our last 5 games. Now we have Nasri this can now hopefully spell the end of his Arsenal career.

    As for David Villa coming to us, it aint gonna happen, Wenger doesn’t buy big, and that’s why we have won sod all in 3 years.

    If Barca want Emmanuel Adebayor the I would say ok, give us Yaya and Etó and he is yours. Simple as.

    I just hope Wenger does buy big, our players seem to linked with every club in Europe, Adebayor, Van Persie, Pleb & now Clichy. Sort it out Wenger!!!!

  • Mikey

    Yaya AND Eto’ for Adebayor! come on Daz your havin’ a bubble,

    Fair call on a swap with Yaya and barca to fork out some cash with the deal or even a straight swap with Eto’ i could see as decent business but both for the giant footballing Praying Mantis, Chelski buying Pele is more likely.

    For that comment,

    Do One….

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