Semi-Final Fever

by Mystical Mike

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Hands up who is envious of the Uruguayans, Dutch, German & Spanish populations who are all going to go through the agony & ecstasy of a World Cup (trademark of FIFA,remember!) semi-final?
For those born pre-mobile phone & ‘t’internet and can remember the sheer unbridled joy of our (England’s) run to the semi-final in Italia ’90, it brings back memories that can only make you shiver with excitement.

Will we ever see such scenes again? 2014, nope! If (and it is a BIG if) we can nail the hosting of the 2018 bid then perhaps…I will be 45 by then…(a tragedy I know) but it will take me back to those sepia-tinged days of 1990 in a second, if we make it.  Suck it in now all you lucky punters who are able to see your team at their peak (apart from German fans, who get a semi final as regularly as Christmas comes around) and absorb as much of this as you can….it could be a long time before these heady days of Summer 2010 come back!

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  • stevie

    I’m jealous but I’ve never expected us to be anywhere near the semi finals.

    The 4 teams, and I use that word TEAMS, are exactly that! Teams!!!

  • dexylongshot


  • matt

    My gooner mates reckon Spain r just like arsenal, trying to score the perfect goal!

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