Sergio Aguero at Man City won’t change much…

by Michael Somerville

Friday, July 29th, 2011

Sergio Aguero playing as a lone striker? It’s possible he could play second fiddle to Mario Balotelli, Edin Dzeko, or even Carlos Tevez during the Premier League season.

£39 million for Aguero is a record signing for the City rich boys, surpassing the £32.5m spent on flop Robinho but will their new number 16 be worth it?

I think that Roberto Mancini will be forced to alter his tactics next season and his overall demeanour towards the players. He can be quite cold and strict; Mario Balotelli won’t forget being subbed off after his cheeky back-heel last week!

Sergio Aguero is an incredibly imaginative player, full of unpredictable dribbling that tests and confuses the opposition. He is extremely strong from the waist down and can score from anywhere. Mancini’s defensive management style may not suit the young Argentinian’s play, although Carlos Tevez has carried the lone front man role admirably over the past two seasons. Tevez and Aguero both fit the ‘Maradona mould,’  Aguero scoring 74 goals in his last 4 seasons- 6 more than Tevez. It’s clear that Tevez is on his way out of Eastlands with Inter Milan his likely destination this summer.

Playing both little men up front will not work for City, which is why Samir Nasri has been so closely courted by the club. Nasri, Silva and Aguero will be a terrifying dexterous front three, not dissimilar to United’s attacking triangle of Ronaldo, Rooney and Tevez of 2007-2009 although less powerful. Dzeko and Balotelli are also commanding options to have on the bench.

If City can poach Nasri from under Arsenal’s noses then the Sky Blues look real contenders for the Premier League trophy.

The only thing that stands in their way is their conservative and cautious manager.

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