Sexy Football League season 3 results

by Mystical Mike

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

Sunderland make it 2 on the spin

Well done to the lovely Madison who claims Sunderland’s 2nd Sexy League title on the trot. Mads blew the rest of the competition away by a staggering 9,000 points!

Dexy spoke to his mate Andy Reid earlier who sent Mads his best wishes for the up and coming Miss UKFF 09.


Go Pompey Go – Portsmouth runners up

Pompey fan Keeley O’Sullivan finishes the season as runner up. Look out for the lovely Keeley in Miss UKFF 09 too.

Runner up

At last Spurs have something to cheer about as Leah Urban sneaks a champions league place along with Sacha Laurence representing Chelsea. Both girls will also be appearing in Miss UKFF 09. It’s going be a hot hot hot comp this year so lock up your doctors!

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  • Darren

    Well done to Mads & Keeley. Who both put in brilliant performances in the last week to pull away from the rest of the league

    Sundrland make it 2 titles on the bounce with Portsmouth making their first appearance in the top 4.

    Everton were well clear but shades of Arsenal last season soon faded away to miss out.

    Spurs are crap at football but do have pretty fans as Leah Urban gets the 3rd Champions League place. A great last ditch effort from Chelsea & Sacha Lawrence who claimed 4th.

    A big shout to all girls and good luck in your careers


    yes very good U want you both for my wive

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