Should Barton still be allowed to play?

by Callum Lawton

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

QPR captain Joey Barton’s future has been yet again thrown into doubt following a brawl outside a Liverpool nightclub on 4 June.

The fight, which involved Barton and two other men has led QPR to launch an investigation into the incident and saw Barton arrested for his involvement in the scuffle.

But should QPR just say enough is enough and tear up Barton’s contract?

Despite his obvious footballing talent, he has been labelled as the ‘dirtiest player in the Premier League.’

In between 2004 and 2012, Barton has amassed 66 yellow cards, 6 red cards and has also taken to Twitter to vent his anger, including verbal attacks on Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer.

Incidents like stubbing out a lit cigar in Manchester City’s youth player James Tandy’s eye at the club’s Christmas party in 2004 to headbutting Norwich midfielder Bradley Johnson on 2 January of this year show that Barton is unlikely to change his attitude.

Additionally, he has recently been banned for 12 games and fined £75,000 after being found guilty of two counts of violent conduct on the dramatic last day of the 2011-12 season which saw him play for QPR against his old club Manchester City.

The brawl, which saw Barton elbow Carlos Tevez in the face after a scuffle, knee Sergio Aguero in the back, attempt to headbutt Vincent Kompany and square up to Mario Balotelli, should surely be the final nail in the coffin as far as his footballing career goes?

If footballers are so called ‘role models’, why Barton be allowed back on a football pitch escapes logic.

Although it can be argued that his off-field antics have made people hold some form of bias against him, actions will always have consequences.

And if all of his actions have still allowed him to play football and earn a reported £80,000 a week, then this game is not as beautiful as it makes out to be.

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  • Gary church

    Joey Barton is very good player so he’s a bit wild at times don’t make him a bad man or player hope your still a ranger next season joey

  • Gary church

    Tevez kicks out at Barton and nothing gets done, if joey would of kicked tevez like that he would of been sent off so really he can’t win good luck joey

  • Martin green

    If I hit out then hammered someone in the way Barton did, in any other scenario including my Sunday league matches and any police witnessed it, I would be arrested, charged and convicted. Whereas Barton does this in front on a stadium full of fans including a great many kids on a platform that is being beamed all round the world along with many police officers watching live and he gets three months rest at £80,000 per week and £11,000,000 to terminate his contract. Then Fernandes says he wants the Loft to become a family stand. WTF is that all about. And the government wonder why rioters hit the streets.

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