Should Thierry Henry quit International football?

by Mystical Mike

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

It has been described as the 20 billion euro handball, dominated the air waves, phones ins and caused many a debate. England fans will be quick to point out that they’ve been there, done that, brought the t-shirt. But the fact of the matter is, France cheated their way to the World Cup.

Idolized by the Arsenal faithful and considered by many, to be the greatest player the Premier League has even seen. But in the space of one week, Thierry Henry has become the most hated man in sport. Only he knows the truth behind the most controversial goal since Maradona’s infamous handball in 1986.

Henry has since come out and said “the match should be replayed” and that he “shouldn’t” have celebrated the crucial goal. He also told French newspaper L’Equipe he thought about quitting International football. “Despite everything that has just happened and the fact that I felt let down, I will not let my country down” said the Frenchman.

The 32-year-old, and France’s all time top scorer with 51 goals from 117 games, criticised the French Football Federation for their lack of support. “The day after the match, and the day after that, I felt alone, really alone,” he said. “It was only after I issued my statement that the people from the FFF got in touch.”

For the sake of his integrity, I would strongly advise Thierry Henry quits International football.

What are your thoughts, should he quit or not?

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  • mickey marbles

    If Thierry is so sad and regretting everything and is seriously considering quitting, let’s see him do it then. It’s all codswallop, poor old me, i’m in turmoil. Soon as the cameras are of, he’s probably having a right chuckle. I can’t let the my country down?? Is this the same country that is putting the boot in on him and a FFF that let him down???? Go on then Henry, lets see you quit, I dare you!

  • jimmythegent

    I double dare you enc*lé ta mere!

  • Darren

    would be probably wise to quit before Barca get drawn against an English club in the next round of the Champions League, that’s if they get through of course!

  • Matt Quinn

    I hope Paul Scharner quits too then.

    Terrible cheating handballer… and he is a bloody foreigner too. Despicable!

  • Matt Quinn

    And i hope Michael Owen retrospectively quits international football after his dive against Argentina in the 2002 World Cup. We won that game and put the Argies out, you know!

    Actually, it seems Capello has made that decision for him.

  • Mike Somerville

    To be honest, the French team are so bad at the moment he would probably do himself a favour by sticking to Barcelona. And do the French team really want Henry being booed every time he gets the ball etc?

  • Dan

    Why should he retire from international football.
    Does that mean Eduardo retires from champions league or drogba gives football up for the amature dramatics society.
    No one in their proffesional and private life can say they havent done anything they shouldnt have, if they say they havent then they are lieing.
    Would all this hipe be as much if he handled the ball further away from the goal and crossed it to Gallas who then scored?? doubt it.
    The only way we can over come big situations like this is have the same system as there is in american football and now in tennis where they can have 3 challenges a match for each team to have. If they are sucessful with their challenge then the number of challenges stays the same. Its the only way forward for high profile matches

  • leon

    In a word….. Yes

  • Daniel

    Does any one remember Lee Dixon getting Tony Vairelles of Lens sent off in the Champions League 97-98? Probably not. In that instance Dixon dived and rolled in pain as Tony Vairelles walked past him in an off the ball incident. The referee (who didn’t actually see the incident, probably because there was none) sent off Vairelles. Not only was the referee at fault but Dixon clearly planned his dive. Nobody cared in England as it went Arsenal’s way.
    Henry hit the ball with his arm in the spur of the moment. So why do we care? Because Ireland was part of Britain 90 years ago?
    Stuff happens and although you cannot condone it you have to move on. It’s not like Ireland were qualified until then. Anelka could have had a penalty in the second half. Evra could have got one in the first game.
    Let’s be consistent.
    This has been blown out of proportion.

  • AlfEyeHead

    I dont think Henry should quit and infact I think he should be cut some slack. Being an avid Fulham FC fan, week-in-week-out I see poor, controversual referees making all sorts of mistakes. From silly little challenges that go un-missed to penalties that are clear to see by 20,000 people apart from the the man in charge! In fact poor UEFA referees have cost us 6 valid points in europe this season(Both times to Roma!) and Preniership refs ain’t much better. It’s nice when something goes in your favour but terrible when it doesn’t. Look at poor old Crystal Palace this season against Bristol City, Score a goal hits the net and comes back out again! Everyone see the ball go in apart from the referee! Costing them 3 points! The truth is the referees are getting worse and match fixing is at an all time high!(Believe what you want!)I know, I worked within the F.A. and have heard many story that would turn your stomach, I thought I was ment to be a game for the people-by the people! Too many foreign investors killing the sport and turning it into a betting syndicate!!! FACT: The players are not responsible for poor decisions. FACT: The referees need to be trained better! FACT: Referees are ruining the game FACT: Silly wages for players turns there hunger to play football into a greed for money!(Look at Ronaldo & Ronaldinho!).

  • Disco Volante

    Paul Scharner handballed it against Spurs on Sunday, should he retire from club football?
    John Terry got away with fouling Valencia in the area a couple of weeks ago, should he retire?

    Players break the rules, that’s just football and the reason why we have these jolly little referee chaps galloping about.

    For the sake of this site’s integrity, I suggest you either quit or stop posting ridiculous, reactionary crap like this. Yes Ireland got knocked out under controversial circumstances, get over it. Henry handballed it, he didn’t stab anybody, and there are probably 3 or 4 handballs in every game.

  • Terry ( EX-PRO )

    What a cheat!! Where was the REF!! It time for video replays at this level, but modern day players would only stand and pose!!! France should be Kicked out and Ireland replace them.

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